Nothing Works! But Secretary Sebelius Says You’re “Thrilled” with Your Choices

Liberals are delusional and trying to make sure their dependents stay delusional too.
Check it out:

“Congressional staffers were warned Wednesday not to rely on information provided by the Obamacare exchange website, in an e-mail alert informing them they might not be enrolled for coverage even if they technically signed up.”

Congressional staffers told not to rely on information. What about the rest of us, then? “The ‘very important’ message, sent to Capitol Hill officials Wednesday afternoon, is the latest sign that the government has concerns about the reliability of the system.” No kidding. They only get concerned when members of Congress can’t sign up or when they can’t rely on information provided by the exchange website?

“Despite improvements in the basic operation of the exchange websites, and increased enrollment, there are lingering concerns about whether those signing up will actually be covered on Jan. 1.”

Wasn’t it last week or something we were told that if you had signed up with the exchange that you had better call your insurance company to find out? To not accept whatever the website told you, that you’d better call and confirm it? And now members of Congress are being told the same thing, and they thought they were covered. They thought they were being taken care of. They thought their subsidies were being handled, they had nothing to worry about.



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