NASA sends seeds to moon to test vegetable garden

This sounds like a royal waste of money. Trying to figure out how they think this will help.
Check it out:

NASA is sending seeds to the moon in 2015 to see if it’s possible to grow a vegetable garden and, ultimately, if humans can ever live there.

They’re sending the seeds in sealed containers, which are rigged to release a small reservoir of water upon landing, The Daily Mail reported. A team of scientists, called the Lunar Plant Growth Habitat group, will monitor the seeds’ growth from Earth, and test how they react to lunar gravity, radiation and various other stresses.

Among the seeds: Basil, turnips and Arabidopsis, a plant that’s related to cabbage and mustard, The Daily Mail said.

“[The seeds] can test the lunar environment for us, acting as a canary in a coal mine,” said one NASA spokesman, in The Daily Mail report. “If we send plants and they thrive, then humans probably can.”



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