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  • Sonshine

    I would like Nancy Pelosi to explain to the rest of the country how enforcing the law is wrong.

    • dad666

      since when have the Dumocraps allowed a little thing like the law interfere with what they want to do.

    • Homer

      Its only wrong when your an illegal immigrant, they can do whatever and get a free (Vote for me) pass.. Us citizens are be tossed in jail for missing court on a seatbelt ticket like my neighbor just did lol….

    • danhspoonhourdc

      I don’t think she knows how!

      • IHateLibs

        She Cant . She don’t Know the LAW

      • danhspoonhourdc

        How she ever got elected to office is beyond me! Imagine saying; ‘We have to pass this bill so we can know what’s in it!” How asinine is that!

    • GoldenRudy

      A nice, straightforward question. Wait silently until she answers it directly. That would make for good TV.

      • Sonshine

        What bothers me is the lack of interest by the media and the American people. What has happened because of this lack of interest by the people is the government consisting of both Democrats and Republicans have given special status to a group of people who break the law just being here. Then people want to know why the country is in decline; it is without a doubt extremely destructive to our laws and the covenant between the people and the government called the US Constitution.


    She is truly mentally convoluted as are most progressives!

  • VanceJ

    Your right Nancy, they should be in jail on bread and water.!!!! then deported.

    • ManOfTheLog

      Are you kidding? Bread costs money. Our money. Let them buy their own bread.

  • abbeyconway

    Deport traitors like Pelosi, instead.

    • Fred_K

      With them, not instead of.

    • IHateLibs


  • Fred_K

    Having Piglosi as a congress person is just wrong. She should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

    • KJ

      Pelosi is from San Francisco in a whacko district. It must be a giant FARCE as that electorate thumbs their collective nose at America and keeps reelecting her. They couldn’t be so stupid that they seriously cast their votes for her.

  • DOOM161

    I only need one reason to support the deportation of illegal immigrants: They’re illegal immigrants.

    • ManOfTheLog

      They are NOT immigrants. They are “Illegal Aliens”. The term “immigrant” has been co-opted by the left to make these criminals appear to be more like the LEGAL immigrants who go thru the legal process to become citizens. Aliens, not immigrants.

      • GoldenRudy

        Thank you. Prescission in the wording is important.

  • Graywolf12

    We should just apply the laws of the country they are from in regard to people that enter their country without proper paperwork.

    • ManOfTheLog

      A lot of countries just shoot them. We should do likewise.

  • IHateLibs


  • ManOfTheLog

    People who go into a grocery store, fill up a cart with steaks and booze and then proceed to walk out (with the full cart) without paying should NOT be hindered in any way. Only if they break some other law or commit a felony while in the process of stealing the meat and booze from the store should they be detained. In any event, they get to keep the meat and the booze. Furthermore, they should be allowed to enter a store anywhere and steal meat and booze any time they desire to do so. We need a program to encourage more people to go into stores and steal meat and booze. This is the only socially just thing to do.

  • jb80538

    Pelosi needs to go aaway. Illegals NEED to be deported. It’s WRONG of them to be here and wrong to aid them in any way.

  • GoldenRudy

    This clown (with all due respect for hard working clowns) should be impeached for violating her oath of office. PEARIOD!

    • shannon853

      the way to cure congress is to have them charged with treason then hanged publicly!

  • AmericanIcon

    The former shrieker of the House once again displaying her idiocy – and that of the imbeciles who keep electing her. She, Boxer and the Hildebeast belong on stage at the opening curtain of MacBeth, stirring a cauldron.

    • shannon853

      well, she is getting compation from Feinstein so she has to do something to become number one idiot again!

  • Petemer

    What better way to turn America into the third world country of her dreams. Stop deportations while encouraging more violations by rewarding those here illegally. Like all politicians pushing amnesty and open borders they don’t say nothing of the fact that these people are fleeing the cesspools they built by the millions because they either are too lazy or uneducated to build a country they could be proud of and pass on to their children and grandchildren as we did.
    Fifteen republicans lead by the LIAR Rubio joined their best buds Obama and Schumer to continue the demise of our country and the middle class with their amnesty and reform. With the labor market already flooded with foreign workers they are adding 33 million more workers through amnesty and doubling legal immigration limits to come and compete for non existing jobs and according to the CBO report this will cause higher unemployment and bigger pay cuts.
    The winner Soros and Zuckerberg with additional billions for their treasure chests. The losers the world and the American people, we have no where to flee to escape Pelosi and the LIAR Rubio’s dream for us.

  • junkmailbin

    pandering, arse kissing, moron

    • shannon853

      you are way, way too kind.

  • Rock ThisTown

    Nancy Pelosi: Deporting Illegal Immigrants ‘Just Wrong’

    Well, Nancy, perhaps we should deport them to find out what’s in them.

    • hatfez

      We should build public housing next to Nancy’s estate and fill it with illegal’s and give them free rent. Then she might change her tune!

  • USMC 64-68

    We ought to deport democrats. At least the illegals who come here believe in America.

    • shannon853

      yeah they believe alright,. they believe no working while they can get free housing, free food, free clothes, free schooling, free medical treatment and the list goes on. they also believe the only way is use all they can get from dumb American’s that provide their every need. as for demorats, your right there, every city and state having money problems are ran by , yep, you guessed it, demorats.. they are also the shooters in the news of mass killings. see the pattern there?

  • GoldenRudy

    As mentioned below by another commenter: don’t use the term “immigrant” when referring to an “illegal alien”. The Left takes the term “immigrant” and lumps both legal and illegal in that group. Precission in wording is important.

    • DrSique

      You are exactly right, Rudy. Progressives always change the language to make bad policy sound better. They suggest that the term “illegal alien” is dehumanizing but, sneaking across the desert to break into the country is not. Only a committed leftist could find sense in their reasoning.

  • Old_Conservative

    Dear Nancy:
    First, if you and the rest of the Communists in Washington would simply do your job and close our southern border (call Israel, they know how…build a FENCE); and second, uphold your sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution (ie, enforce the laws of this land); then there would now be no need to consider mass deportation of illegal immigrants; as there would be few, if any!!! I think we should instead deport all politicians, media, church leaders, etc who support illegal immigration to Mexico! They’d be jailed there for the rest of their lives!!!!

    • shannon853

      place military on borders with orders to shoot to kill anyone trying to enter here illegally. leave the bodies where they fall and soon we would have a fence made of bodies. soon there would be no more invasion of or country. it would be a good use of all the ammo the government has been buying. enforcement of our sovernity is a must!

  • Mark Emberger

    Well – you can see who she’s pandering to…. any watch group in her district, please watch the poles. I’d bet my last devalued dollar that 20-30% of the votes for her are illegals. With a good mix of dead people of course.

    • shannon853

      that’s a sure bet! can’t loose.

  • Pupito4u

    Why is this woman breathing valuable oxygen? WHY!

    • KJ

      Pelosi is responsible for global warming–it’s not just from the hot air that spews from her empty head. Remember how she felt so important that she had to have her own personal government plane at taxpayer expense? (Which Boehner turned back into the AF pool once he became Speaker).

      Like Al Gore, she’s just another drunken, self-interested, tax-and-spend, limousine liberals.

  • Bill Proctor

    If we deported them who’d be left to work in her husbands factories?

  • camdenme2

    No Nancy it’s not wrong! Illegal is illegal!

  • gmhunt4

    Can we at least deport Pelosi????????????????????????? to say, Egypt……..

    • patriotds1

      Along with Reed and especially Obama

    • KJ

      Far too good for her. Send Pelosi into Afghan Taliban clutches.

  • Hotnike

    I still don’t understand how people can vote for brainless people like Pelosi. Oh, I forgot. These people are also brainless.

    • jd1958

      She’s from Kalifornia the home of “nuts and fruits”

  • shannon853

    no polesi, it is right and just. shooting on the spot for invading America MIGHT be unjust. how about we deport polesi to mars? all in favor?

    • Hotnike


    • jong

      I second the motion.

      • KJ

        I’m sorry to report–everyone, Harry Reid has just tabled your bill to deport Pelosi. He intends for it never to see the light of day in “his” senate.

        We’d better have a majority of Republicans in the Senate after the midterm elections, or we can expect dozens more of the House’s bills shelved forever by Dingy Harry.

    • undeRGRound

      Much easier, and less fuel, to launch a rocket into the Sun… ;)

      • shannon853

        great money and fuel saving idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jong

    If she feels that strongly she and her friends can join them..

    • Tonto

      Frankly, I’m really tired of trying to figure out what planet there left wing nuts came from and why they always have some emotional arguement that makes no sense to anyone but them. This administration has been nothing but disaster and failure…..matter of fact, tell me ONE success of ANY democrat regime….like how is the “war on drugs”, “war on poverty” and the “Gun Control” in Chicago, Washington, DC and Los Angeles going? Are you kidding me? These people have their sensory housing group so far up their poop chute, they ain’t nothing but pitiful! Thir stupidity is monumental and if not checked soon, we’ll never be able to dig ourselves out of the hole they’ve put us in.

  • patriotusa2

    Actually, we should have deported her and Reid which would have contributed to better quality air control.

  • R Jeffrey Savlov

    This is more documented proof that Liberalism is a mental disorder. A criminal is a criminal whether it is murder, bank robbery, illegal entry into a foreign country, fraudulent use of a social security number a.k.a. identity theft or defrauding a government by taking government assistance earmarked for legal citizens. She not only should be removed from her post but jailed for collusion with the administrations actions of treason and consorting with the enemies of the United States.

  • hatfez

    Break the laws, stay here and vote. If I break any laws, I can (and should) be punished or sent to jail. Makes a heap ‘O sense to me!

  • LittleMoose

    If deporting illegal immigrants is “just wrong”, maybe we should deport citizens instead starting with Nancy Pelosi.

  • jd1958

    So in Nancy’s “mind” if someone breaks into your home and stays there without breaking anything else that is okay as long as they do the dishes, wash your cloths paint and do all the maintenance. Then they can invite their families to come and stay in your home and OH BY THE WAY, “YOU” HAVE TO FEED THEM, CLOTHE THEM, PROVIDE FOR EDUCATING THEM AND THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE. THEY BROKE THE LAW NUT JOB!!!!!! DEPORT THEM…………………ALL.

  • madman

    What part of the word illegal (criminal) does Nancy Pelosi not understand?

    • grinnie

      Didn’t they just recently ban “illegal”? Care to join the NEW P. C.?? I am a member of the new P.C.—Pissed-off Conservative. I think our numbers are growing!

  • jd1958

    Dredge the Rio Grande, put the dirt under New Orleans. Get the alligators in Florida that are eating people and place them in the Rio Grande. Solves three problems.

  • Anthony13

    I kind of think that people entering the country illegally is “just wrong”. The people of SF need to stop re-electing this skank.

    • LoveAmerica

      Ppl in San Fran love her, although she turned that once beautiful city into a gay/lesbian druggie hellhole…. it’s what they want, and they can have it!

    • grinnie

      Unfortunately, it isn’t just San Francisco, but all of So. Cal. We, in Nor Cal, don’t have the numbers to cancel them out. Last time I voted, they didn’t even ask for my name.

      • Anthony13

        So basically, once illegals sneak over they get to vote. And because people of Pelosi’s ilk will let them stay, they vote for the traitors. That’s just great.

      • Anthony13

        I pity you guys. Hell, I pity America, because we’re all affected by what happens there. Jerry Brown makes CA a ‘sanctuary state’, nullifying federal immigration laws, and we’re powerless to stop it? I hope Obama’s administration tries to argue that South Carolina and Georgia can’t nullify ObamaCare, which they’re about to do. That shouldn’t go too far.

  • Docs357

    Having mentally ill reps in congress is just ” wrong ” the Demonic ones need go also goodby Piglosi

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    What’s wrong is the twisted thought process of so-called “Liberals.” They live in a dreamland of wishing how a perfect world can be..

  • ste1021

    What more can be said about someone who comes out against the laws that protect the integrity of our country. Hard to believe voters can keep re-electing a fool like her.

  • Tallfritz

    Nancy Pelosi is “just wrong” and deserves impeachment. But, she’s still in office.
    So, I guess she thinks all criminals should be left alone…

  • Jack Laurie

    Dingbat! Nancy is a Dingbat! She admits to being “in a fog”

  • Sonnyjelly1

    So she thinks the laws regarding illegals are wrong then why is she still in congress?

  • VERN


  • Janice Foster

    Pelosi is a puppet on the dictators rope and should be deemed a traitor along with everyone else who
    used the Mexicans to torment legal Americans! Mexicans I have nothing against you at all, but come to America through the legal law of becoming Americans……really you have no reason to be here except
    wanting to be here for your well being to better yourselves so come through through the right gates of America or return home to Old Mexico they will take you all back…they did not sent you away!

  • Janice Foster

    The Government is using illegals to make money so let them all come through and become Citizens
    under our legal system in place to become Citizens….they did not come here by force of wherever they came from so they can go back home!!

  • Lori

    Pelosi vowed to uphold the Constitution, she’s unfit for public office!!!

  • TBI

    To put this in their terms, deportation of illegal aliens is “the law of the land”. It is always said “you cannot possibly deport all of the illegals, and they are right, but it does not mean we should not deport any!

  • jdbixii

    Deporting illegal immigrants is not wrong and Pelosi would be one of the first to complain about conservative minorities deciding to simply disregard or violate a law, such as the Affordable Care Act, for example. This is just another example of the stupid, inconsistent, liberal mindset. They are unstable and untrustworthy.

  • LoveAmerica

    Deport you Nance, it’s the right thing to do….

  • RockyMtn1776

    Wrong ? Since when is enforcing our immigration laws wrong ? Our nation appears to have the ability to pick and choose which laws we wish to obey and the immigration problem is not one of them .
    Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws and we are seeing the results today.
    Far to many of our elected officials have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes. Pelosi is one of them and STILL gets re-elected ! Who is the REAL problem here ?

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    What is it about the term “illegal” that the lovely Nancy does not comprehend?

  • krell51

    If entering the country illegally isn’t wrong, then how about bank robbers, they just need money?
    Selective enforcement of the law is tyranny.

  • Bucko25

    Lets let them in, feed them, pay for their healthcare, give them iphones, and free housing. Or, send them back…..or better yet just start shooting the illegals!! You can bet on what will happen!! She is a commie loon and should be in prison!!

  • Bucko25

    Some liberal loon is going to start a mass shooting of the commie media and the commie politicans…..can’t wait!!

  • servant1jkb

    ILLEGAL, adjective- against the law
    ILLEGALLY adverb, to have broken the law.
    So Nancy,j what is it with you, that you know not the meanings of the simple words?
    bank robbers also break the law, are you going to pass a law to this legal as well?
    Then why not ban ALL laws, if you wish to set-aside our laws concerning g our national sovereignty?

  • Myrtle Linder

    Having Nancy Pelosi making any kind of decision for the USA is “JUST WRONG!” I would be terribly alarmed if she had any kind of say so over my cat.

  • Jim

    How about we deport Nancy Pelosi to a Muslim country. A burka would greatly improve her looks.

    • Rod Huse

      A dozen gunny sacks could not make this dingbat look good!!!!

  • joepotato

    Just in case you missed it…
    A Nazi, an aristocrat, a politician, and an imbecile walk into a bar… The bartender says,” What will you be having today, Mrs. Pelosi?”

  • Taskmasterendgame

    Deport Nancy back to the District she represents the Castro District in San Francisco
    the Land of Gay Pride and Debauchery (Build a tall unescapeable fence around the district and
    do not let her escape by any means telephone car written material may she disappear all together
    from the face of the earth may she end up the her fathers arms (Satan)

  • Janthony132

    She is the one they should deport – right into space!

  • johnsnare

    Have all the illegals, move next door to Pelosi. Another left wing liberal, Ahole. Of course she lives in a gated community with armed bodyguards. Typical left leaning brain dead mentality.

  • popham

    We fear that Nancy Pelosi has been hitting the bottle too much lately.
    And who can blame her? The stress of being a mouthpiece for Obama
    must be be arduous indeed. Maybe the poor old woman should take her
    Christmas vacation with the Obamas in Hawaai…….for 17 days.

  • Lloydl333

    She belongs in a home for the bewildered. We can feed her Charley Tuna.

  • USARetired

    In that case Nancy, How about we just substitute you for the illegals?

  • jagans

    Well she doesn’t want to lose all the under aged, illegal workers in her seafood packing plants. This ladies head needs to disappear in a pink mist. It doesn’t work any more anyway. Frankly I dont think it ever did, she changes subjects every three words in an attempt to confuse whoever she is talking to. Listen to her. She is a deceitful, lying beeatch.

  • DebraJMSmith

    Pelosi should be deported!

  • Marine Mom

    It has to be all about the vote. If there are not enough jobs for real Americans now, how can the influx of millions of non-English speaking, barely got thru 5th grade level, illegals gonna help this country. It is soooooooo obvious what the liberals are up to. If some in my family lose their jobs because of this, I just might go ‘postal’, and starting in Washington is as good a place as any. Or maybe with that stupid mary Landrieu, she is a real buckus worshipper. I moved from Louisiana because I am ashamed to be in the same state with her. Semper Fi

    • Rick

      If you meant “to Louisiana”, and I think that’s what you meant; right? nancy wouldn’t be welcome in that state; even the gators would run.

  • Robalou01

    Can we deport Nancy?

  • lessthantolerant

    Can this woman get any more stupid?

    • barry1817

      unfortunately she keeps proving that she can say and get more stupid.

      • lessthantolerant

        She could improve with a massive stroke.

      • barry1817

        I like your way of thinking. Happy Holidays to you.

      • lessthantolerant

        Walters said, “Well, you’ve touched on it to a degree. He made so many promises. We thought that he was going to be — I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but — the next messiah.”

        “And the whole Obamacare, or whatever you want to call it, the Affordable Health[care] Act, it just hasn’t worked for him, and he’s stumbled around on it, and people feel very disappointed because they expected more.”

        She added that the negative sentiment toward Obama is mainly due to the very high expectations people had for him.

        “You’re almost better off when they are low and then they rise and rise. His were very high and they’ve dropped. But you know, he still has several years to go. What does he have, three years, Piers? And you know, there will be a lot of changes, one thinks, in that time.”

        The most recent poll shows that the president’s approval rating has sunk to its lowest levels since he’s been in office, and marks the lowest approval rating of any other two-term president since World War II, with the exception of Richard Nixon, who was embroiled in the Watergate scandal

        Listening to this idiot BAWA WATERs one understands how insanely stupid these liberals are.

        “We thought he was the next Messiah?”

        As stupid as Pelosi.


      You have to give her credit she give 100% stupidity.

      • lessthantolerant

        Proof liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • DJ

    let’s Deport Nancy Pelosi.

  • JOEL714

    Maybe she and her gazillionaire husband would like to house, feed and clothe all these poor unfortunate people. She has a home big enough for at least 20 or 30 more people to live in.

    • Tom

      Someone should put the Pelosi house address all over every illegal border entry point so they can locate her safe house and be taken care of by her. Apparently everyone should be welcome there

    • Glatik

      She needs them to pick their grapes for the wines.

    • tofjr

      Good idea Joel! Someone needs to go Dr. Zhivago on the bee-aaachh!

    • daves

      “I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though sometime back they may have entered illegally,” Ronald Reagan

  • marineh2ominer

    She is right , we should be deporting ALL leftist liberal progressive democratic demonrats .

  • MrInterpid

    Nasty Piglousy speaking = Insane screeching from the monkey house.

  • forrealcommonsense


    P.S. What she is really saying, “Don’t take away my supporters, the illegals!”

  • del

    Who else would vote for her and the chimpanzee in the white house????


      What the hell are people thinking when they vote for idiots like her and Hairball Reid.

  • Tony

    Pelosi again proves what an idiot she is. Scary that she is an elected representative in a legislative body. What is wrong is how they got here in the first place. Let’s draw an analogy here. Say you are a bank robber and you get caught at the scene and you go to jail. What if you get away at the scene

    and through investigation are located. Should the law then look the other way? If an illegal enters the US and is caught at the border, they would be deported. If they make it into the US safely, should the law then turn their back once they are discovered?

  • Rod Huse

    This fugly beach es one fooked up banana case!!!
    Truly does not say too much for California voters!!!!!
    Are they all high or just mental cases like this frickin’ digbat????

    • ladybug

      Not me. I don’t get the freebies she likes to hand out. She gets mega buck on the insider trading she does and says its legal for her and the others to do it! WE mere mortals would be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pupster40

    For every illegal (undocumented criminal) that is allowed to stay in this Country, we should deport two progressives, that goes for R or D. We could get our Country back in a heartbeat.

  • carlton goodson

    And not deporting nansy is the worst thing of all.

  • duif100

    Nancy, in case you did not know, entering the US illegally is just wrong.
    To quote Obama “That is the law of the land”

  • duif100

    Nancy, I will gladly agree to let 1000 illegals enter the country if we can deport you!

    • Ed Shick

      Only if she takes Harry Reid and Obama,,

      • duif100

        That would even be better.
        In that case we can evenpay for their deportation.

  • TimB

    I can see Rep. Pelosi’s point. Deporting Illegal Immigrants would be treating them like they’ve broken a law. Can’t we just let them stay, regardless of legal status? How about if we allow them to qualify for welfare, food stamps and free healthcare? Oh, how about amnesty and citizenship too? That way they could vote more idiots into government offices to give away our money.

  • MoDeVille

    Nancy PIGlosi is a c-word.

    • blessedtruth

      Even that is complimentary to crap like her!

  • Pam Dunn

    Wonder if it would be legal to DEPORT Nancy Pelosi to China, Cuba, Valenzuela Egypt, Syria, Middle of Africa?

    • blessedtruth


  • BigUgly666

    So, Pelosi thinks that there should be some “discretion” in how laws are applied …. same go for murder or Treason?

    • blessedtruth

      Silence the whore permanently!

  • Ed Shick

    The first two that should be DEPORTED IS NANCY AND the Muslim that she OKed to run for President !! Why did she not have him Investigated ,, could be she works for Moscow also Socialism and Communism are almost the same.

    • blessedtruth

      Dems know Kenyan born illegal prez!

  • Devasahayam

    What part of “illegal” doesn’t piglosi understand? The maladmin (especially cent-percent of dhimmicruds such as piglosi) should be deported along with the illegals!

    • blessedtruth

      Name a country that takes scum filth.

      Africa – yep – did not think of that one.

      • Retired MSGT USAF

        Send her to Pakistan or Afghanistan. Let her spout off over there where they know how to deal withy miscreants.

      • Devasahayam

        A technicality for you — Africa is not a single country. However, one of US’ so-called “allies” (it proved the depth of it since 2009 by demanding increase in alms given to it and two failed bombing-attempts — Times Square and DC-Metro — in 2010) Pakistan consists of just such scum/filth!

  • beelp

    Nancy…breaking your face would be “just wrong” too, but oh how you deserve it.

    • boone1

      Shooting her would be better.

      • blessedtruth

        Make first dozen wounds non fatal ones.

        Want to watch betch suffer – a whole lot!

      • beelp

        Amen to that, too.

    • Rick

      It’s already broken.

      • beelp


    • blessedtruth

      Someone beat you to it!

      • beelp

        Second round.

  • Deborah G

    Why is it wrong to protect our borderts? WHy is it wrong to stop Preganant women from entering just to drop kids for citizenship thus ensuring they don’t get dewported? Legal immigratioon won’t even allow women who are more than a certain amount of months pregant to enter on a LEGAL visitor or vacation Visa. SO WHY should we allow these lawbreakers to stay for one minute? Here’s my solution. For every one of the illegals here and their offspring we deduct 1 million dollars from the country of origins foreign aid. Wanna bet they’d stop them at their border in a NY minute IF we were firm on that

    • ladybug

      She is so adamant about this issue because she told Hawaii our amendments did not matter anymore. She so called vetted the illegal one in dc and wants to continue so that the demons have enough votes to stay in power! I have a GREAT IDEA, lets deport her and the other witches and demo thugs, and take their riches to support the illegals! We sure as he** cannot with all the stupid laws they continue to pass. NANCY really needs to GOOOOOOOOO away and shut her pie hole. She, bo, the dirty one, holdem, and many others are a disgrace to OUR country………………

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Burn in h3ll witch!

    • Docs357

      Excellent comment.

    • blessedtruth


  • brucefandrews

    To bad we can’t deport all these ignorant democrat communists with all the illegals.

    • blessedtruth

      To where?

  • tofjr

    Are you dems/libs really happy that this moron represents you? Have you heard the things that come out of her mouth? Does “You have to pass the bill (Unaffordable Care Act) to see whats in it” ring a bell??? We should all be very ashamed if this is the best we have to offer. Are you really comfortable with someone like this making decisions for YOU?

    • blessedtruth

      Speaking to bunch with no brains!

      Cannot comprehend what you say.

      Might as well be speaking to room full of skunks!


    How about we just shoot them? Heck, I don’t even the govt to pay me. I’ll do it for free.

    • blessedtruth

      I volunteer to assist!

      Free of charge of course.

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      Just imagine this along our border. 50 Caliber machine guns every 100 yards along the border. Signs in English and Spanish pointing towards Mexico with the following words on these signs. “You are about to enter the sovereign State of the United States of America. Lawful Lethal force is Authorized. No Trespassing!”

  • TimB

    Nancy Pelosi should be the poster child for Term Limits. I just can’t believe she represents the views of her constituents. She keeps getting reelected only because of name recognition.

    • BDPSU

      She’s from Kalifornia, the land of fruits and nuts…believe it.

      • Sheryl

        Not all fruits and nuts. I’m originally from to good old state of Oregon.

      • Cougar Smith

        They’re just like granola. Once you get rid of the fruits and nuts, all you have left are flakes.

      • BDPSU

        LOL – excellent.

      • blessedtruth


      • blessedtruth

        Faggots Incorporated!

  • blessedtruth

    Betch needs to die!

  • Gene Stone

    No, Nancy. YOU are just wrong!!!! YOU need deporting!!!!!

    • blessedtruth

      Needs to be eliminated!



    • blessedtruth

      Put her six feet under!

  • smartgranny55

    “our view of the law”???? Hers and odumbo’s and reid’s. Traitors.

    • blessedtruth

      Traitors are shot!

      Get the Hell on with it…

  • catb55

    No Nancy .. it is THE LAW .. and We the People are sick of you and the rest of the “progressives” (aka communists) ignoring or changing our laws against what the CONSITITUTION says!

    • blessedtruth


  • smartgranny55

    Let’s spend time in prayer that God would post some guards on our borders to protect them. Of course, since God has been kicked out of our society, there is no reason for Him to honor that request. We need a national day or repentance and prayer. Then, kick butt!!

    • blessedtruth

      Do not believe God will intercede!

      Not after all humans have done to Him recently.

      Good for God!

  • Docs357

    When these people turn on libtards for there false promises they will regret screwing with the emotion of people seeking something for nothing and the people who’s life’s your making unstable in other word it’s time to use the user. Piglosi will be remember as the brain dead lib overdue for the farm.

  • chuckie2u

    All of the Nice things she does does not hurt her cash flow one bit. I dare say she has never paid her fair share of taxes if she has paid any at all. It is so nice for her to think of ways to increase the taxes of those who work to 65 % or greater so she can have the money to support all her illegal friends.
    My Business Law Professor always said only a fool would sign something they did read . This woman is an advocate of signing legal documents so you can read it later . No wonder this country is now a banana republic.

    • blessedtruth

      WORSE than Banana Republic.

      More like Chimp Republic with chimp in charge!


    Funny how American Citizens need to follow The Law, but illegals don’t, isn’t it?

    • blessedtruth

      Ain’t it?

  • huey6367

    No Nancy, you don’ t get it. You are wrong. In so many ways.

    • blessedtruth

      Ya think?

  • MontieR

    This statement is PROOF the democrats have NO use for laws or our constitution. This person is certifiably insane, yet she and her kind flourish in the district of corruption.

    • blessedtruth

      Inmates have ruled asylum for decades…

  • grandmaforliberty

    what part of illegal don’t you understand? How this woman ever got elected to the Senate is beyond my comprehension….I bet I could do a better job…

    • blessedtruth

      How did chimp get elected prez?

      Can anyone say fraud elections?

  • Sheryl

    Alright blowhard Pelosi and you are one weak, ever spending thief that blows our money like it is your right! Well let me tell you this, you might be sympathetic with the illegals with their anticipating entitlements they are enjoying with out going thru the hoops, learning English and becoming responsible citizens. They don’t speak ENGLISH in the stores while shopping. Retire, we are sick and tired of you.

    • blessedtruth

      Just drop dead and go to Hell!

      Sorry Lucifer.

      She is then YOUR problem.

  • Conservative Not Republican

    If the illegal aliens were likely Tea Party conservative voters, instead of almost certain nanny state, welfare liberals, Pelosi and the rest of her malevolent, putrid communist ilk would be demanding the military be put on the border immediately with shoot to kill orders issued for anything that moves.

    Words do not exist which can adequately describe the absolute evil that woman represents.

    • blessedtruth

      What was it called when horses pulled apart each limb?

      Sounds like real good punishment for this filth!

      • Retired MSGT USAF

        Drawn and Quartered. An Old English way of punishment for Treason against the Crown.

      • blessedtruth

        Thanks! Merry Christmas.

      • Conservative Not Republican

        You know what the definition of a camel is? A horse built by a liberal government committee

  • Cougar Smith

    Being an American citizen who married a wonderful Chinese lady, went through all of the legal process of bringing her here, having spent thousands of dollars in the process… all I have for Piglosi is utter contempt, hatred, and ill feelings! UP HER’S WITH A BROKEN BROOM STICK!

    • blessedtruth

      Would be only thing inserted into her anytime!

  • hmriley

    Pelosi’s days in the US House are numbered….she soon will be removed by 10 million veterans/patriots who will show up in D.C. as part of the AMERICAN SPRING to ensure she goes willingly. By the way this also includes Obama, Biden, McConnell, Boehner, and Holder…

    • blessedtruth

      Not when elections fixed!

      Mark my words on this folks I know…

  • got243kids

    She’s supposed to be a Representatives for the United States, not a rep of the Mexican drug cartels.

    Amazing that her ilk has submitted legislation removing the death penalty as a sentence for high treason… coincidence? I think NOT.

    • blessedtruth

      Would be HER sentence.

      Death for treason that is!

  • Jakebrake

    They should deport her and we would have one less leftist socialist sick freeloader from Californication.

    • blessedtruth

      Just flush slut down toilet!

  • Ranchman

    America was crafted by our founders as a nation of laws, not a nation of men. When the head executive continually breaks those laws, there is tyranny, when the masses continually break those laws, there is anarchy. We cannot have a continual breaking of our laws, from any quarter. WE have GOT to unite as one across America to oust the evil in the White House. There is no other possible way to stop this madness. We need to get together and bring our collective weight to bear on the government and get rid of this evil.

    • blessedtruth

      Peace option out window!


    We ARE on the precipice – we either start to turn this thing around now, or we’re finished.

    • blessedtruth

      Violence ONLY answer now!

  • Ranchman

    Another thing; you ask the ranchers and families on our southern border and they will tell you they are under siege. Their homes are constantly broke into, their livestock killed when it gets out of the fences illegals destroy, and people get shot at daily. These people bring in backpacks full of drugs and are human smugglers and traffickers. They are CRIMINALS!!! Get rid of these instant votes for the Democrats now! These people aren’t even citizens before they vote, and they vote multiple times! We need to all join together and get rid of the evil in the White House, enough is enough!

    • blessedtruth

      Americans at war!

      Feds sit with fingers in Obama backside!

  • CaptTurbo

    Lets deport Ms Botox.

  • Richard Hull

    The only good thing that could possibly happen to dimwit Pelosi is for an explosive to be placed in her backside and blow her brains out.

    • blessedtruth

      Needed that.

      Thanks for light moment.

  • Lowell

    When I was young and living in Southern California, there was a town which straddled the border with Mexico. One side of the town was Mexicali. The other side was Calexico. Now it seems like Calexico is the whole state.

  • Redwhiteblu

    Perhaps we should deport pelosi

    • blessedtruth

      Who would take betch?

      • Retired MSGT USAF

        Her Billionaire Husband does not even want her around. She has funneled more tax money into her husband’s bank accounts for his businesses. There needs to be a sincere audit of her and her husband’s tax records, income redistribution straight into her and her husband’s bank accounts.

      • blessedtruth

        Scum like her above American law!

  • joanc

    She is the wicked witch of the west coast. Our Veterans, due to a new agreement are losing benefits they deserve and gave years of their lives for by defending the USA, while people of Nancy’s ilk feel that’s ok, she and her leftist members in DC shovel entitlements to illegal aliens. The bottom line is it is all for he votes the Dems feel they will gain. Lets vote every last one out in the next election and make sure we insist on VOTER ID!

    • blessedtruth

      Whore should have been in Hell long ago!

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        She has been to hell already, and Satan couldn’t stand her either, so he reincarnated her back to earth.

      • joanc

        Amen to that, and lets hope Satan is making the fire hotter than usual. He’ll probably make her clean up all the melting Botox!


    Can we deport Nancy…………………pleeez!

    • blessedtruth

      I agree!

    • John Moses Browning

      No one would want the old Bi**h!

  • blessedtruth

    I would sell Pee-low-ski into white slavery!

    She would need whole new body and face though.

    Know men – some women – hard up but not THAT desperate!

    • grumpybill

      Al Sharptongue would be hollerin’ “dibs on the skank!!”

  • wlfgng

    What else do you expect from the supreme idiot?

    • blessedtruth

      Supreme idiocy!

  • John Moses Browning

    Nancy Pelosi is certifiably freakin’ Insane. When she is in front of the TV camera’s she twitches and shakes like a Chihuahua dog on a massive dose of Speed. Crap with people like her running the Government no wonder the crap is hitting the Fan.
    Thank you San Francisco for all the CRAP you have given to the World.

    • blessedtruth

      Fag state needs to sink underwater!

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      You are not suppose to see her having the D Tees. Those snakes are all around her.

      • John Moses Browning

        Actually I though the snakes were all attached to her head – I was so worried that I only ever looked at her using a mirror!

  • jime1

    Just Wrong? Well perhaps in her eyes it is. In my eyes if she really believes that and gets her way then that makes her a criminal conspirator. So she would then need to spend time in federal prison. Aiding a abetting is a crime therefor any member of congress who votes for amnesty is as guilty as the fool who came here illegally. The illegal needs to be kicked out and the aider and abetter needs to see the inside of a jail cell for at least 2 years. NO mercy, and No amnesty for law breakers, or for those who aid them in any way!

    • sonny

      My thoughts exactly. In MY eyes she should be JAILED FOR TREASON along with the entire dem party and some of the rep traitors. I hope I live to see that.

    • Bob2002

      Politicians rarely go to prison; especially Democrats. The RINOs will not make the Democrats obey any law, so they are actually worse than them.

  • Dekilterated

    The last person in this world it Polotsi

  • Annie

    Ms. Pelosi is mentally unstable due to all the alcohol she consumes. Check out how much alcohol the American taxpayers buy to keep the bar(s) stocked on her plane. Hard to believe it is OVER $100,000.00 !! She has not connected “illegal” immigrants MEANS “UNLAWFUL” immigrants. Can’t you tell she is a puppet for Obama ? ANYTHING Obama wants to do she will support 100% whether she understands it or not. Remember her statement about Obamacare ? She said, “We need to pass Obamacare so we can find out what’s in it.” Does this sound like a sober thinking individual? Obama has been smart enough to surround himself with “YES” men and women, who will repeat and swear by any lies that he tells. He makes these people look so-o stupid……I guess maybe they are, or the would walk away from that pathological liar. Pelosi song for Obama, “WINE ME UP AND WATCH ME LIE FOR YOU.” Oh well Nancy, have another drink on the American taxpayers………..

    • Runningbear

      She has abused her oath of office and supporting those who have broken our laws and now refusing to enforce our laws!And still she supports those who have killed our citizens taken jobs americans should have,given more rights to illegals than support our veterans.It’s time we say.don’t go away mad just GO AWAY!

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      I know why Nancy has a bad taste in her mouth. With Obama in front of her, anything is possible.

  • Retired MSGT USAF

    How about this: Force the Obama Administration to follow and uphold the Immigration Laws that are already on the books. The law is there to follow, not to disobey the Law. Nancy Pelosi has NO SAY-SO anymore. The fact is that a Congress (Both the House and Senate) have already placed a law on the books with the Approval of a President. It does not matter what she personally wants. She is always talking about “The Law of the Land”, but never seems to want to follow the Law of the Land. She needs to be either Voted out, Impeached, Charged with not upholding her Oath and censured by the House, or retired forcibly or volunteering. It is time for her to leave OUR Office NOW!

    • Mac Boy

      And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?
      Believe it or not… A Congress!
      ** Webster definition **

  • manueldias

    Of course Nancy would say that. She is protecting her boss, Obama from deportation. He is an illegal alien, born in Kenya.

  • ARMYOF69

    Toss them all out with their stinking kids, born here or not.

  • fidlin1

    Walk into Mexico and see how long you can stay Nancy without a visa. It works both ways you freakin’ loon.

    • shearwater

      This kind of reciprocity is just what we need to combat illegal imigration. But democrats are advertising all the free bees in the United States that Mexicans can have and are being informed where best to cross the border, how to apply for heal;t care benefits, etc.

  • Fran

    If only the Congress would move Camp Pendleton (Marine base) to the border (or at least a platoon or so) then those crossing the border into the USA may think once or at least twice before entering.

  • SergeantDias

    Nancy is ready to be taken into a Home. She is useless.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Let me know which home, so I can choose a different one.

  • bull57

    Typical progressive, just enforce the laws we like and forget enforcing the others. What a nut, all of them!!!

  • RockyMtn1776

    WHO allowed our elected officials to do this to us ? WHO are the only ones who can stop this insanity ?

  • Dale Putnam

    FIre em … or… just quit paying em… no more money to fund the idiot, no brain folks that are supposed to be representing US!!

    • Bob2002

      Sounds good, but you will never get the RINOs to go along with not paying these nut cases. The ones that need to be fired are the 12 Republican Senators who voted to get this crappy budget deal bill out of the Senate Committee today so it can pass the 51 vote threshold. Harry Reid would not allow any amendments partially because he did not want it changed and partically because he wants to get it to Obama so he won’t have to delay his 17-day Taxpayer funded vacation to Hawaii. In the meantime our country is screwed. Boehner and Ryan also need to be fired for their part in this so called budget deal. It was a total capitulation on the RINOs part. We are doomed as a nation because of all these so called Republicans turning in to Democrats in the way they think and act. Democrats and RINOs hate the military so much that they have taken away money from their pensions to pay for Illegals getting tax cuts without having to show a social security number. What a country!

  • RBlakeH

    OK Pelosi lets make a deal. We won’t deport the illegals but YOU AND YOUR CRONIES have to hand over blank checks that you will guarantee will pay for their housing, medical, food, education and clothing. Now the catch, NONE OF THESE FUNFS can be tax payer funds, they must all be your private personal funds. Deal? If you can’t guarantee that THEN AWAY THEY GO!!!

  • JimVM

    I thought congress people took an oath to up hold ALL U.S. laws and the constitution. when do the treason trails start?

  • Bob2002

    This woman is crazy. No other word for her because she believes illegals should not be deported. Where is the rule of law? Of course, it runs in their veins (Democrats that is). They want to make citizens such as war veterans suffer, but do not believe illegals should suffer. What is wrong with this picture?

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      All democrats throw the welcome sign out to all foreigners no matter how stupid you are or how criminal you are. AMERICA WELCOMES YOU. Especially if your a Muslim who wants to kill us. I think Piglosie would look better with a burka.

  • MadmaxUSA

    Pelosi is totally irrelevant to the public discourse outside of her constituency. The only reason she is cited so much is that we all like to poke fun of her stupid, irrational and evil statements. All we can do is hope she retires after the Republicans increase their margin in the House and win the Senate in the 2014 elections.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Even inside her constituency, she is irrelevant. Only to herself and her nutty liberals does she mean anything. But to us it is as a sewage truck transporting political promises.

    • grumpybill

      Look at the district she represents — GAY TOWN USA San Francisco!!

      • wolf2525

        That is where a lot of communist money is, not only gay town, but enemies of the US reside.

  • VERN

    Deport her instead !

    • NoRINO

      Deport Pelosi along with all illegals.

    • jameshd

      Nowhere else will have her.

    • s casey

      Vern, you got it! I’d trade Nancy Pelosi for a dozen illegals. At least most of the illegals are contributing something to society. Nancy is simply dead weight and drain on the public coffers.

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        Yes, we spent enough on air fare from California to Washington on this hag. Also her liquor bill is way out of line. This ole hag needs to be tared and feathered.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Then fumigate the air craft, and the white house.

    • wolf2525

      They should take that ugly old witch Pelosi and send her to Cuba, its where that scum belongs.

    • David in Dallas

      Too, not instead.

  • Bill

    Per queen nancy all prisons and jails should be closed and converted to abortion clinics. No lib should ever be jailed, but conservs should be jailed forever. Sounds fair to me.
    As soon as I am elected emperor of the universe, all candidates seeking public office will submit all financial records, names of all associates, and complete history of their lives, and all family members. The first scream against that rule will be from the libs. They will claim it will rule out massive numbers of people running for office. To that I say, we won’t have to ever worry about the libs ever again. For the first time we will actually have an even chance of honest politicians.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Nuncy Pee-loosely. Perfect description of her political agenda.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      I need to add to that name. How about Nutsie Pee Looser.

      • Sunshine Kid

        You win a prize! “Nutsie” definitely fits, but considering her last name, I believe my suggested last name more closely fits her.

      • Mac Boy

        . Pee Low, See?

  • Bruce Lee

    National resources are dwindling, along with jobs & food shortages; now Peelosi wants to bring in more parasites??? How does the mind of a sociaIist work?

    • Most Rev. Gregori

      They don’t work because socialists don’t have minds, they function solely on impulse.

  • shearwater

    It’s just wrong that legislators should vote in favor of a law that they haven’t read so that they can see what’s in it! Gee, this lady must be a product of our educational system!

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      All public schools are teaching this crap. Lord help us when these kids grow up if they believe this crap. Bring God back into view. Also bring the fathers back into the family. He is the key, instead of just child support. With no God, or no father as head of the family, what do you expect to raise other than idiots.

  • gomurr

    “Our view of the law…..”
    (I guess she means hers, O’s, Harry’s, and La Razas)……just another example of selective enforcement out of Washington. I’m so sick of these psychopaths and the insane reality they want us to live in……over my dead body.

  • grumpybill

    And that old dried-up skank is just NUTS!!!

    • parlayer

      that’s my senator your besmirching. Do a better job!

      • grumpybill

        And I care??

      • Kent2012

        come on grumpy, he wanted you to slam the $lut harder…..

      • wolf2525

        Pelosi is no senator, she is America’s enemy, she is a parasite.

      • fort9erdon

        Pelosi is an effing communist hack!

      • Another Guest

        She is not in the Senate.

  • Strength_Honor

    Pelosi sees nothing wrong with trading AMerican sovereignty for Democratic votes — neither does the preezy of the united steezy see anything wrong with making-up laws as he goes along…

    • Mac Boy

      WORST president in US History!!!!
      Even the Military HATES him!

      0bama is the Poster Boy for the “Peter Principle” –
      The Peter Principle is a proposition that states that the members of an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability, resulting in FAILURE – (Like we have Now, in D.C.)

      • ARMYOF69

        That presumes that he was GOOD at something.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    If one were to take Pelosi’s brain and lay it on a rail of a railroad track, it would look like an ant on an eight lane highway. Why is it wrong or immoral to deport ALL illegal immigrants, no matter how young they were when their parents brought them here? Illegal is illegal, Jesus did not teach us to break laws or to reward those who do. Legal American citizens do NOT owe illegals anything, NOT welfare, NOT low income housing, NOT food stamps, NOT free medical/dental care, NOT free education, NOTHING! No matter how much they dream.

    • JoJo58

      WHAT brain?? And please…no more insults to ants. LOL

  • John H. Kohlenberg

    Piglosie is a 1960 hippie druggy grown up now. The hippie movement was the most disgraceful thing that ever happened to America. Now they are grown up and causing as much damage as they did back then. I bet ole Charlie Manson is having a real laugh, that his followers are in power now. When your morals fall, so does your government. Piglosie is a love child who never grew up with an adult mind. They are all still on drugs and their minds are fried. Vote all liberal democrats out, they are all evil. They didn’t respect the laws back then, and they still don’t. Illegal is illegal, just like sin is sin. It don’t matter if it is big or little, it is still sin to God. An excuse is an admission of guilt. Nancy Piglosie is nuts, and needs to be silenced.

    • Guest

      I call her ‘lousy pelousy”

  • wolf2525

    Pelosi is one of America worst enemies besides the communist Obama and his Fourth Reich. That parasite Pelosi is a soar on freedom and America.

    • g55rumpy

      she`s a ‘fellow traveler’

  • Harold

    She may be right! So lets deport her instead. China or Russia might allow her to settle there. LOL.

    • Barbara Anne Hess

      That’s just what I was thinking. It’s also possible they may accept her in Africa.

  • Kenneth Duncan

    Letting Pelosi be in charge is just wrong.

  • Richard Vandervort

    The only proper thing to do with Pelosi is the very same thing that Obama and the rest of his corrupt cronies should have done to them. Strip them from power then tried for treason and put to death for their high crimes against America and it’s citizens in a time of war . The penalty should be decided by the people and not by the corrupt judges placed into the courts by their political pears. Politicians involved in crimes today get sentences of probation before judgment for crimes you or I would be sentenced to twenty or thirty years for. Well, maybe if you’re a politician you just might be handed a much stiffer sentence like two years behind bars and serving each weekend in jail and going home for the rest of the week . I say let the people pass the judgment upon these criminals against the people and our nation. By the proper trials and convictions of our political criminals within Washington can we follow the immortal words of JFK’S ask what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you. Justice under man’s law witch is a just law.

  • Pat Alexander

    Pelois is one crazy fantasy after another crazy fantasy! For goodness sake where did this beech ball come from! She’s smart, so smart when her daddy gets home from work,she’s going to teach him how to bouncy bouncy the ball all day long!

  • volksnut

    its just wrong that an idiot like pelosi is in any kind of position with influence – you like them so much? you support them out of your wallet then – you have them stay at your house – its not your job they’re trying to steal – of course you have no real job – unless doing nothing and getting payed a ridiculous amount of money – opening your pie hole with nothing ever comeing out of it worth listening to – just more of your moronic clap – qualifies – but then thats what your boss does too -

  • Mark

    I’d be willing to let a few hundred illegals stay if we could deport Pelosi instead.

  • david

    let us deport liberals, especially Pelosi back to whatever planet they came from instead. Illegals may actually contribute to the economy at least.
    Seriously though, if they stay they should never, never, ever be allowed to be citizens and never, ever be allowed to vote. The only reasons libs want them is so that they will vote for them. I think that if they could never ever vote, then the libs would likely discard them as useless and make their union supporters very happy

  • Brenda

    It does not surprise me that pelosi follows in the footsteps of obama and the idea that they and any cause they support is above the law. Enough of the bleeding hearts. These illegals contribute nothing to the system but to drain it of its assets. They come here either sneaking across our borders or overstaying their visas. They abuse the welfare system, demand reduced or no tutitions for our colleges, and demand the right to vote, which is a right reserved solely for American citizens. We have immigration laws, and it is way past time that we enforce them.

  • Mac Boy

    Hey Nancy …. Open your garage door, and Y O U feed & house them!!
    We’re sick and tired of doing it!!!

  • eddyjames

    The only reason that the illegal aliens should not be deported is if they were to be placed on the market for sale as domestic free help.

  • OleDad48

    Every nation in the world deports illegal visitors. Is Pelosi simply fighting for more Democratic votes? Just what we need is more leadership like we find in Detroit, LA, southside Chicago, Wash DC, ObamaCare, and the DOJ.

  • David Givens

    She’s clearly violating her oath to uphold the Constitution! Impeach her TOMORROW.

  • KimberLady

    I am still rather perplexed as to how Pelosi got where she is today. Clearly she lacks basic
    intelligence, and is exceedingly integrity deficient. Pelosi is challenged with regurgitating verbiage
    she is dictated to bark out. She is a mere political puppet seeking to collect a comfortable paycheck . . . playing a game with OUR AMERICA! Another example of TERM LIMITS! We are their constituents, they must do our bidding! WE NEED TO REMIND THEM! Term Limits! Term Limits! Term Limits!

    WRITE CONGRESS NOW! Let them know you are NOT interested in AMNESTY! Tell them NO AMNESTY if they want your continued support. Boehner hired Rebecca Tallent, she is a Left Wing Amnesty promoter . . . shame on Boehner! WE CANNOT LET BOEHNER SELL US OUT WITH ANOTHER BLANKET AMNESTY PROGRAM. Higher taxes, greater deficit . . . Boehner has been blowing up trying to BLAME CONSERVATIVES . . . Remind Boehner YOU hold his future in YOUR hands! Time for BOEHNER TO GO!

    • bitterrootbill

      Gobs of old S.F. money.

  • yaki534

    Of course she doed not want us to deport illegals. . We would be deporting her voter base.

    • asoro

      bingo, thats the main reason the Lib’s want them here,,,, If they where in favor of the repb’s you see how fast they kick them out….And the gay thing is the same way. these are just groups that they promise to help to bye there votes,,, why do you think they are so against showing ID? give me a break they are so phoney it stinks to high heaven.

  • Mac Boy

    Even after she’s gone, she will help suck the system dry – – –
    Salary of retired Majority/Minority Leaders … $193,400/yr FOR LIFE – (Dumb!)

  • ** Civilian Target **

    Nancy Pelosi needs to put down the bottle and sober up. The alcohol has effected her reasoning.

    • SergeantDias

      Not only the alcohol affecting her reasoning, it’s the large amount of botox she injects into her lips. :)

      • ** Civilian Target **

        I’m with you on that.

    • Guest

      I think it is the botox affecting more than her face,

  • Ken Jackson

    Tell ya what Nancy P., I’ll agree to keep 1000 illegal immigrants in this country if you leave. How’s that?

    • mogul264

      Right! It would be a shame if we deported the illegal immigrants BEFORE we deported Pee-lousy!

  • Paul Brown

    How many are with me when I say we should take a vote of how many americans want to deport Nancy the tramp pig to Iran.

  • pegichase

    What’s wrong is her being in Congress. Her lack of common sense is an embarrassment.

  • pysco

    Stupid *itch, why should we reward people for breaking the law? With your stupid mentality you will start giving Bank Robbers, money because they robbed banks because they needed money.. Nancy do us a favor and get a mental evaluation, your logic stinks.

    • adbj102

      But you don’t understand….her attitude is the same for all progressives! The best reason to deport all progressives…..Do you think Kenya will take them?

  • Guest

    Why are you even wasting time interviewing this moron?
    If she loves illegals so much I suggest she houses them on her land. i understand she has vast vineyards and who knows what else. let them stay there as she loves them so much.
    We need LEGAL immigrants who have work and can support themselves. This was the rule when i came her so why has it stopped?

  • billwhit1357

    Why doesn’t this Botox and Booze eaten Skank try to stay in Mexico or any other country illegally and see what happens! Some countries shoot to kill, others put you in prison. No, you stupid ignorant Skank, apparently you need to carry a dictionary around with you to look up the meaning of words, as all Leftist Liberals need to do. Illegal means ILLEGAL, what do you not understand about that word, Whore?

  • asoro

    Someone should deport her,,, end of story

  • jim_shipley

    she was soooo “right” about Obamacare too.

  • KimberLady

    daughter attends college abroad. In
    order for her to enter this EU country as a student we have to show proof that
    her college tuition has been paid (in advance), a formal letter from my bank disclosing
    sufficient funds for her stay (a formula for housing, meals and $XXX for misc expenses
    per month), proof of medical insurance, round trip air ticket. Additionally, she has to go through a formal
    interview with this country’s Honorary Consulate. This EU country clearly has it more together
    than we do!
    In the meantime, we allow penniless
    individuals enter the USA, let them sign up for free American benefits to get
    them on their feet . . . what is the incentive to work?! There are 48 million Food Stamp recipients at a cost
    of $82.9 BILLION per year! DRUG TEST FOR
    FOOD STAMPS! **Write Congress Now!**

    • Higherstandard13

      All public assistance should be a loan that must be paid back in a defined time or face deportation or prison. You make it a loan and the number on it will decrease.

  • Wayne

    Let send this plastic whore out with the rest of the ILLEGAL BS we have in this country, how about to the South Pole. They can learn how to live by watching the penguins, and we can recoup the costs by streaming videos on pay per view.

  • Higherstandard13

    Pelosi wants them here to help her keep power and continue her looting of tax payers as she lines her [pockets with non bid contracts for her husband. The fact is these people all have broken multiple laws but the government rather prosecute Americans and steal the pensions of military than stop illegal immigrant theft and corruption.
    Illegals have all broken the following laws;
    1. Came into the US illegally
    2. Stayed in the US illegally
    3. Worked in the US illegally
    4. ID theft to obtain work in the US illegally

    Many illegals have done the following;
    1. Received income tax rebates they never paid into
    2. Drive in the US illegally
    3. Drive without car insurance
    4. Assisted other illegal immigrants
    5. Received food stamps, welfare and housing assistance
    6. Helped smuggle drugs into the US in exchange for transportation into the US
    7. Worked without proper licenses etc… to do professional work
    8. Drunk driving
    9. Robbery, rape and murder and increase gang violence

    The consequences of them being here are as follows;
    1. Overwhelming city and state infrastructure
    2. Tax burden on cities, states and American workers
    3. Lower wages for American workers
    4. Higher unemployment of Americans
    5. Higher taxes to compensate for illegal immigrants presence
    6. Increase in national debt by trillions of dollars
    7. Business closed due to inability to compete against illegal immigrant labor that does not follow the employment, insurance and other rules

    The fact is they are willing to help criminals at the expense of honest hard working Americans. It is time to deport all illegals and anyone that helps them stay here in the US. It is time we stop importing the poor that cannot support themselves and limit all immigration to those that can benefit the country and be totally self sufficient.

    • KimberLady

      This is an excellent summation. Thank You.

      Many of our politicians’ political platforms vow to support immigration as a priority. Stop
      right there! My 2 Dads served in 3 wars fighting for America’s freedom . . . I know many of you have too. I have the greatest respect for our men and women that have served to protect our GREAT country! Let’s FOCUS ON SUPPORTING OUR SERVICEMEN & SERVICEWOMEN!
      **Write Congress! NO MILITARY SPENDNG CUTS!! Increase Military Benefits!**
      ** Write Congress – CUT the FoodStamp Spending!** Drug Test for FoodStamps!**

      • cimiron

        if you have there names post it and I will definitely write them letters

      • KimberLady

        Search – Congress or Senate and you will receive a
        directory for both.

        It is typical to write to only your State Congressman / Congresswoman (The House of Representatives) in your district; the same with your State Senators however given the gravity of circumstances, I have been trying to voice my stance to all State Representatives and to all Senators. There have been several Congressmen and Senators that respond back and are in agreement with the run-away administration and the divide between the Conservatives and non-Conservatives. If you want the President IMPEACHED, tell them! If you want Eric Holder INDICTED for his CRIMES, tell them! Demand Obamacare Repeal! Yes, Protect our 2nd Amendment! No cuts to our Military! Cut spending on EPA and their land stealing from Americans! Demand answers to Benghazi!! Demand prosecution for the gross negligence with Benghazi! Stop the illegal use of the IRS! Stop the illegal use of the NSA! No Amnesty! Drug Test for FoodStamps! The issue is up to you.

        We the People sometimes have to place demands on those we put into office to represent US! The American People! When they don’t listen . . . we remember at the voting booth and kiss them goodbye!

    • cimiron

      and what I hear from the school districts in these invaded cities by illegals is they destroy the property

    • 1American1st

      Higherstandard13 –


      Add to your list that 25% of our prison population is comprised of Illegal Aliens. We have to feed them, support them, house them in overcrowded prisons & employ additional guards.

      These dumb-azz Democrat Socialist Party members have no clue what is costing the American Taxpayers.

  • Tallfritz

    I think it’s immoral to allow Pelosi to stay in office. She needs to give someone else a turn.

  • hora

    Pelo is a woman with big mental ill, we Law said any one with no legal ID,or enter illegal way, or stay after a vise expire, must be deported and is wright way. Nobama can doing what he won,but he go down and later will need confront all SSSS doing now. Bring criminals Mexican here for expand a drug business is right in her mentality, all who are wrong and against Law is normal too. Pelo idiot old woman, thing what you will doing when Dem loose and go out power, that time are different from another, you have like Nobama to much enemy and there you will loose.

  • MichaelZZ

    Rep. Pelosi lacks common sense, which should be sufficient to vote her from Office and she is violating her Oath of Office by not supporting the laws, which should be Impeachable.

  • Maranatha2011

    Permitting this lunatic a place of authority is just wrong.


    Ms Nancy should go back to California and pick grapes on her NAPA valley ranch. I’m sure many would drink to that, even using her ranches grapes.

    • Gorni

      Nancy doesn’t share any booze unless it’s on the taxpayers.

      • cimiron

        oh and her chocolate covered cherries

  • sandraleesmith46

    Deporting immigrants who have broken no law would indeed be wrong, but the ones she’s mislabeling as “immigrants” are ILLEGAL INVADERS who start off breaking the law of the land coming here and continue to break laws and rob American citizens and legal resident aliens EVERY SINGLE DAY they stay! So deporting them is absolutely Constitutional law and the DUTY of the Executive branch!

  • cricket23

    Its too bad that the voters in her district don’t feel like the rest of us do!

    • southie55

      Would You expect much more from most California voters.

    • HarryTheCat

      They’re too busy rump humpin’ to care.

  • mjnellett

    If Nancy Pelosi feels that enforcing our laws is just wrong, then may I suggest Pelosi find a new line of work! She, like all of her progressive minions in Congress, and the White House, have all sworn an oath to uphold the laws of the United States. If upholding those laws has become a burden then I suggest that they feel free to resign, and find work doing something they do feel comfortable with. You do not get to pick and chose which laws you will support, or enforce Nancy. You are committed to enforcing them all! ILLEGAL aliens are ILLEGAL for a reason…get over it!

  • Tremper Sprague

    Why can’t we just deport her instead?

    • smknnjoe

      Because they would send her back. They would probably pay enough to zero out our deficit so that we would promise not to try and deport her again.

  • BaconNBeer

    You aren’t deporting them you are sending them home like ET.

  • smknnjoe

    What the hell are they putting in the water in California???? Everytime she speaks she says something even more stupid.

    • cimiron

      California is part of the USA? when the heck did that happen )?

      • adbj102

        The land of fruits and nuts? I even heard that there was a republican in San Francisco??? Probably a spy? WE need to give it back to Mexico, It costs too much to support! Then Pelosi could return to American Samoa, where she had them exempted from the minimum wage because her husband owns the American Fruit Company, and didn’t want to pay a fair wage to his laborers!

  • Ripper10

    She truely has lost her mind.

    • cimiron

      for sure what an idiot

  • kimbroughs

    Why are we enforcing our laws as a matter of convenience. Illegal immigrants never should have been allowed to remain in this country a day illegally. We have allowed them to remain in this country for decades and now we want to send them “HOME” As long as they were performing good labor cheap, we have no problem with them, but as soon as they got their foot in the door and wanted a piece of the american pie, we want them gone.

    Ironically, it is the same people all of the time, who has a problem with “others in this country. It is always republicans, whites, and conservatives who are complaining. They complained about blacks after slavery and they are now complaining about illegal immigrants. This is the same group of people who have complained about Obama since 2008 and the ACA since 2010. This is the same group of people who feel without doubt that this country belong to them and them alone. Time for these people to get the message and understand this land no longer belong to “them”. This land is “our” land now.

    • HarryTheCat

      No problemo there, Kim. Just post your address and I’ll round a few of ‘em up and send ‘em over to let ‘em bunk with you. You’re OK with that, right? We have a bunch who hang out around a gas station down the road, drinking and looking for odd jobs. I’m sure they’re all fine, upstanding fellows…well, except the two that robbed that gas station a couple of weeks ago. They would just be tickled pink that you are going to share your piece of the pie and make their American dreams come true.

      • kimbroughs

        Your comment was expected. If they was a problem, why allow them to remain in this country for more than 10 years and not complain. Remember when slavery was alive and well in this country, there was never any talk about how bad blacks were because they were doing free bidding. But as soon as blacks were freed and no longer subjected to serve whites, they because targets of violence and deportation. Same thing with these illegal immigrants. Just look at some of the immigration rallies and protests against them and see who is doing the protesting. Why dont you comment on what is real.

      • adbj102

        Kimbroughs, There you go again, more democrap lies, Look at the 1850 census, more free blacks than slaves, and quite a few BLACK slaveowners! About half in the north! But very little black crime! Most of the black crime came with the welfare state! A product of the democrats! And Mexican immigration wasn’t a problem until the welfare state. Now almost 80% of immigrants are on various welfare roles, But we can’t use those for ICE deportations??? It’s interesting about the Muslim illegals, About 25%! At about 1050 a day not caught! And all those granted welfare without any background checks! That’s about 260 a day. 91,250 a year just across the southern border! And who knows how many across the Canadian border? Add those given asylum and welfare status by Obama ?? Most are terrorists! And the rest are followers of a cult that’s main dogma is KILLING every one else! But political correctness won’t let us mention that? Watch them, they aren’t blending in! They are demanding special privledges! Including immunity for our laws! The Mexicans are being used to divert attention from the real danger!

      • kimbroughs

        Sir, what does black crime or any of the other things you commented about have to do with the situation at hand. Black crime committed by a few people do not define an entire race. Today the POTUS is a black man, does that mean all black men are destined to be POTUS. You people need to stop making excuses and grow a pair of balls.

      • adbj102

        You worded your question wrong, it should have read: ” Does that mean that all black criminals are destined to become POTUS”? And we were discussing that democrats were for slavery, until they could convince the blacks to vote for them with bribes! now the same with Mexicans, But the real danger is unlimited Muslims!

      • Max_

        Kimbroughs is a racist P O S………….

      • 1American1st

        Who allowed them to stay for 10 years & not complain? REAL AMERICANS have been complaining for years! The Democrap Party had the House & Senate majority most of that time & this is just another one of their “failed” issues.

        It is just a matter of ENFORCING OUR LAWS, not creating new ones.

      • 1American1st

        By the way, did you know that our courts just released 2,800+ Illegal Alien Sex Offenders back onto American streets. Yep. Seems your rabid Liberal ACLU got some law passed so we can’t keep them detained when their own country won’t take them back because they are CRIMINALS!

        M solution: Cut off ALL foreign aid & food supplies to any country who won’t take THEIR citizens back. Problem solved.

      • 1American1st


        The Immigration Reform bill is as Anti-American as it gets.

        Do you understand about the jobs issue relating to the Immigration bill? That once they are legalized that employers can’t discriminate against them by hiring REAL American Citizens over them, opening up the flood gates for law suits?

        Americans are outraged when American jobs go overseas. Yet they are not outraged that “overseas” is invading our country daily, that we end up supporting them on welfare, reduced or free housing, food stamps, etc., while they & their children are being educated along side of Americans & American children, receiving the exact same education (paid for by American Taxpayers) so when this law is passed:
        – They will be competing with YOU for jobs
        – Their children will be competing YOUR children
        – Their grandchildren will be competing with YOUR grandchildren

        Americans are seeing the TRUTH about this bill…. ANTI-AMERICAN BILL

      • Max_

        Kimbroughs is a racist P O S ……

    • raynbene

      You are free to let them stay with you, support them financially, hug them, make them ‘feel good about themselves’, as they take jobs locals could do, or anything else your liberal bleeding heart feels is appropriate.
      What is your problem with enforcing existing laws ?? When someone like nanzi pelousy speaks this nonsense, it just makes them all the bolder, and it makes those with common sense wonder exactly why do democrats want to allow lawbreakers to have the benefits of American citizenship without taking the lawful steps to become naturalized ??? The answer is so simple – they want the votes ! ! ! Go to Mexico and overstay, then see what happens to you . . .

      • kimbroughs

        Are these 2013 laws or better still, did these laws take effect in 2008. These laws were in effect during Bush 8 years, clinton 8 years and bush 4 years. As a matter of fact, these laws were in place when illegals first came over. Most people benefited from them because of the cheap labor. Now that these illegals have their own businesses and no longer work for peanuts, we want them gone.

      • Ron

        Just another Kool-Aid drinking obomanite. And It’s official — the government of the United States of Obama consists of boobs and bores and is led by a narcissist.

      • kimbroughs

        Well, there are two things I know for sure, Obama beat republicans twice and republicans are still disgruntled.

      • 1American1st

        Disgruntled? We are mad as hell at what that fraud has done in the past 5 years! Now he wants to dump millions of 3rd World foreigners on our citizenship? I don’t think so!

      • 1American1st

        What laws are you talking about?

        We have laws in place to deport ILLEGAL ALIENS. PERIOD.

        We have legal Immigration laws which permits foreigners who have gone through the legal right of passage to become American Citizens.

        Those laws do not include allowing Middle East terrorists, drug smugglers, gang members, drug dealers, human trafficers, burglars, rapists, sex offenders & even murders to stay in OUR country.

        Are you an Illegal Alien or just a member of the brain-dead Democrat Socialist Party?

      • kimbroughs

        You all should have been complaining years ago, when they started coming to this country. Why wait 25 years later before you complain. As always, you all seem to find ways to blame obama for whatever problems arises.


        This was a problem through out the Clinton years. They tried tirelessly to bring amnesty. Republicans wouldn’t allow it. This is NOT a new battle. This is not something that just started a few months ago.

        If Obobo, Pignosi, Reid and all the others get their way, YOUR illegals will be making $15.00 an hour for a minimum wage. They will be entitled to FREE health care that will be subsidized by my taxes AND the higher premiums I will have to pay. L.A. has already given them drivers licenses because they believe that it will make them better drivers and that out of the goodness of their own hearts they will finally go out and buy car insurance!

        What about the burden put upon the people of this nation!? Do our votes not count? Before you get on your high horse, I am a LEGAL immigrant who did everything the right way! School, military, cop… Paid my taxes over and over again. For what? to give law breakers a free ride!?

        I’m not only saying no, but HELL NO! Merry Christmas!

    • cimiron

      yes most sensible people do complain about illegals in this country, my dad was from Italy and had to come in the right way as they should have, what is your problem? are you stupid or blind or what to this JA in the WH is doing to our country, your right I hate everything he has done to our country and it’s people, and this country does belong to Americans, get it idiot AMERICANS

    • adbj102

      By “Our” I assume you mean you communists (I refuse to call you progressive) And you twisted history a bit, as usual! You leftists NEVER tell the truth! It was the democrats who wanted slavery, and protested freeing them! Democrats who put in the Jim Crow laws! Lincoln was the first republican president! As you tell it: “Lincoln freed the slaves”!! Then you demonized the KKK and glorifyed the carpetbaggers (Yankee democrats) Now you are rewriting Southern history!

      • kimbroughs

        Stop supporting and glorfying the antics of the KKK, they were vile and ruthless
        people who preyed on blacks and others. Democrats or republicans does not matter because those are only titles, the real issue is these men were white and they was racist. Terrorism is not a new thing in the history of this country. The filled Ku Klux Klan terrorized black folk in the South after the Civil War. Innocent children were killed in a church bombing in Alabama- this happened before terrorism came from outside our borders. They were called Knights of the KKK.

        Slavery was legal in the United States from 1776-1865. The first leader of the KKK was Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1865, they began in Pulaski Tennessee. They were educated men who knew their purpose and their plan. The Klan recruited members at church, believe it or not.

      • USMC 64-68

        How convenient for you to simply duck the issue of accountability for the left by destroying the connection between democrats and the KKK by saying “they are only titles.”

        Also, posing as one to correct history, while slandering white men, you conveniently forgot to mention that the KKK hunted down and killed whites who opposed the KKK and/or stood up for blacks.

      • 1American1st

        The KKK was formed by the Democrats.

      • Max_

        Kimbroughs is a Racist P O S…………………..

  • Goodforall

    So why do we enforce any of our laws? They are there for a reason, and our immigration policy must be enforced. We are the only nation that allows for illegals to enter our Country without severe consequences. Maybe we should adopt the Mexican policy-anyone entering that country illegally is either deported immediately or sent to prison-no questions asked! This woman is complete joke-a true example of what this current administration is all about-total incompetence!

  • joshuasweet

    the democrats do not want a secure border for it keeps out the illegal voters

  • davidsunkle


  • Norm

    More stupid from stupid.

  • gutterfalcon

    She should be Deported. And just How many Laws should they have to break, Before it counts ? Illegal Aliens-would be 1, that’s is breaking the law. She / they are just using stupid people for democrap voters. So you have an illegal-Law Breaker- Lets bring the Rest of their families over-then there are 30 illegal Law breakers of one family But 30 more democraps.

  • elton123

    Apparently, Pelosi’s liberal brain never learned what the word “illegal” means

  • camdenme2

    Nancy nope! We need to accelerate the deportation of ILLLEGALS !

    • 1American1st

      THAT’S RIGHT! They came here & they can LEAVE here!

  • Remington 870

    It’s always refreshing to see or hear Pelosi speak mindlessly about something she knows nothing, but then look at the Freaks & Fruits who keep voting her in from that slime city San Fran Freaks-co. The Dem strategy is to continually speak about the plight of the illegal. Bottom line…get the illegals the Fluck out or our country. Other countries either shoot or jail their illegals.

  • Retired Marine

    She must need the votes from all the undocumented democrats (illegal aliens) to stay in the cesspool in DC.

  • mrbp

    Deport this botox infected skank.

    • 1American1st

      Actually, I would like to see her convicted of fraudulently vetting the fraud in the WH… and she should be sentenced to guarding the border…from the other side. Oh, and since she would be a convicted felon, she wouldn’t be allowed to have a gun for protection. Let her get a real feel for what her Foreigner friends are like.


    I think Nancy Pignosi needs an extended vacation herself! Ship her off to some other country along with all her illegal pals. I’ll be making a call to her office and a fax this morning.

    Her and her libtard buddies have ruined California. Farms and ranches forced to close because of lack of water. Billions of dollars for a high speed rail to nowhere. Taxes through the roof. The highest welfare/benefit/gimme state in the union. We have 1/3rd of America’s destitute population here.

    Now, if you do ANY remodeling, you’ll have TWO inspectors. One is the regular and the other is a “greenie”. Now they can tell you what shower head, toilet, light bulb, appliance you can have. Then boasts that “first California, then the nation will follow”!

    For conservative Californians, I apologize to the rest of the country. Pignosi is off her leash and running wild. A feral animal that has been left with no guidance.

    • 1American1st

      You do know that she is a total embarrassment to the rest of America, along with her Socialist boss, right?


        I know only too well…

  • donl

    It was wrong to enter our country illegally ( it’s just wrong ).

    • S. Wicks Jr

      BUT, the demoncraps need more votes. And these illegals will always vote democrapic….

  • Laura Lee Davis

    If Pelosi wants the criminals from Mexico, South America, middle East, she is welcome to ship all of them to the island where she has here business, put them to work and clothe, educate & house them on her dime. We do not have the money to do those things but we do it! Either thru welfare or the prison system. Send them back to the country of their birth now!

  • agbjr

    It really is ‘just wrong’ to allow poor addled Nancy to wander unattended and without proper medication. Her family should be arrested and charged with elder abuse!

    • william couch

      NOW THAT’s the best description that I’ve heard about the wicked witch of the west. Don’t buy Star KIST tuna the Pelosi’s don’t pay minimum wage. Leave it on the shelf.

      • agbjr

        Pelosi also owns a very large Napa Valley winery; can’t remember the company moniker but ownership is under her husband’s name.

    • william couch

      If you want to shut Pelosi up, Tie her hands behind her back, then tie her to a hitching post. She’ll look at it for hours.

      • agbjr

        Funny you mention a hitching post … just now listened to an episode of “Gunsmoke” on the radio; love to hear Matt Dillon confront Pelosi about gun control and the Second Amendment!

      • william couch

        ROTF LOL. Or illegal aliens coming across the border.

  • KenRad

    Deport Pelosi.

  • isaiah14

    Of course this is what Jews want. Nancy Pelosi is a Jew. She hates Jesus Christ and his people true Israel which happens to be the white Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people. She wants to destroy any remnant of God’s people. What better way than through immigration. It is interesting that only whites are not permitted to have their own countries. Africa is for the Africans, Asian for the Asians, but Europe, Canada, U. S. and any white country is for everybody. It will be good when Jews are finally annihilated. The Bible says that they eventually will be. A world without Jews is going to be great, and it will happen soon.

  • justdooit

    Hey Nancy the Grape…try going to messico, see if they like to keep you…%^&*()…(crappola…guess they don’ likey you either)

  • Denise

    Nancy has lost all sense of right and wrong. She has lost all sense of decorum, a woman who considers herself a true Christian, and a lady, would never make the statements that she does. These are no mere slips of the tongue.
    Consider her latest advice to the American people; “embrace the suck!” For starters it makes very little sense, it just sounds vulgar. Is she ashamed? No! Instead she goes on the weekend news programs, smiles says; “it about says it all, doesn’t it?” She thinks that her comment is the height of hilarity, which only proves that she not only has no real notion as to what constitutes wit, but she also lacks any understanding of delivery or timing. Nancy is an uncouth, foolish, bore!

  • John Paul Jones

    We should deport the dingbat as well as all of the ILLEGALS that have BROKEN OUR LAWS! we have Americans that don’t have work and it is time that we thing about our own people instead of the ILLEGAL INVADERS.

    • azwayne

      Let’s deport ALL TRAITORS in congress, WITHOUT their golden retirement.

      • John Paul Jones

        I agree 100% with your comment, it’s time we take back our country and start thinking about our own people and the hell with the rest of these LAW BRAKING ILLEGALS!

      • S. Wicks Jr

        Would that include Obamy, his father was a Brit; NOT a US citizen. Therefore he is NOT eligible to be President. The democraps have broken the LAW or turned a cheek on this illegal president and are complicit in supporting an ILLEGAL president….

  • A_patriot

    Dear Nancy, do you consider it wrong, then, to call the police on the burglar who broke into your house, via the back door? Do you not demand that person go to jail? What part of illegal don’t you get, Madam?


      Nancy is out of touch with the real people of this country. She has no clue on what is going on in this great country.

  • Bruce Feher

    She’s right! Shoot them instead!!!!


    Lets deport Nancy or make her pay for them out of her own pocket.

  • marineh2ominer

    I am really tired of this illegal immigration scam . I am an American born citizen that gave over eight years to the United States armed forces . SOLUTION : Deport or service , after four years in the United States Armed forces allow them the opportunity to file for citizenship just like legal immigrants , if they do not like this option then deport them , problem solved . Nancy Pelosi , Harry Reid , Charles Schumer and Diane Feinstein also need to be drafted for duty in Afghanistan ,

  • junkmailbin

    nancy is part of the liberal mutual admiration BJ society of cranial rectal impacted liberals

  • Washington22

    I’d like to deport Nancy Piglousy to a convent. She needs some serious work done on her soul……………

    • agbjr

      Why would you wish her on a group of kindly nuns? On this subject, two days ago the Chief Justice of the Vatican judiciary publicly announced Pelosi should be refused Communion.

      • Washington22

        Wow, I hadn’t heard that but sure agree. It’s about time the Church stepped up on some of these people and refused them Communion.

      • agbjr

        Two years ago the Archbishop of San Francisco sent Pelosi a letter of warning; he stated she was edging herself closer to excommunication. Last year the Bishop of Albany instructed all diocese clergy to refuse Communion to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo because of his public support for abortion and specifically his very public extramarital affairs. Of course Cuomo doesn’t attend Mass so he really doesn’t care.

      • Washington22

        There aren’t many Catholics with morals and codes of ethics, like back in the 60’s and before. Not many adhere to the teachings of the church. Nancy Piglousy and many others are CINO………..Catholics in name only…………..I don’t know why they even bother to claim that they are Catholic..

      • agbjr

        I personally know many non-Catholics as well who’s claim to being Christian is daily proven a blatant lie by their own words and deeds.

      • S. Wicks Jr

        Are you saying Piglowski is a SINNER? Just like her comrade Obamy!

  • Discusted

    Nazi Piglosi is just another Liberacrat that has no clue as to the meaning of illegal !
    She and all the idiots should be tied up and horse whipped … sorry no they may like it .

    • rosemarienoa

      Let her support them then!!! She & her husband have lots of money, they own vinyards in CA. Maybe she could give them all jobs too!!!

  • ActualConundrum

    Nancy Pelosi as she is consistently, is ” just wrong”.

  • 83footsailor

    Nancy – preparation ** H ** – Pelosi is opening her ** YAP ** – as usual – without puting HER BRAINin gear.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURE and simple.


    Maybe we should check out Ms. Nancy’s papers and see if her forefathers came here legally. If not then she should be deported along with the rest of the illegals.

  • TAM44

    No you ugly stupid old daughter of Satan, giving the law breaking illegal SOB coming into our country over 360 billion dollars a year in tax dollars stolen from the American tax payers to support you worthless DEMONCRATS socialist agenda is wrong. We the people want our borders secure which right now it’s like and express highway for the illegal law breaking SOB to enter at will.

    You stupid B–ch loves these law breakers so much give them all your money and stop using our tax dollars to break our laws.

  • Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum

    Why don’t we let Nancy support them all. She has money. She’s been in Washington for years and I am sure she has a few millions that she can spare to give them. And maybe we can get her ass expelled for allowing illegal actions. Molon Labe, Semper Fi and God Bless.

  • ike

    Instead of giving aid to the PELOSI illegals,, we should give back that money to our veterans which are being screwed out of their earned benefits. This is going on right now through the budget process.

  • gbandy

    Just wonder in her district how many Illegals actually vote. I think the number would surprise us all. Putting more importance on Illegals and forgetting our Military retirees is the Democrat way.

    • S. Wicks Jr

      Or to put it another way; screw the American (legal) people and increase the demoncrapic fold. Once the illegals get to vote, they become demon-craps!

  • Death2Unions

    Deport Pelosi then hang her from an oak tree. Problem solved. Or, just go directly to step two.

  • KimberLady

    It looks like we are all on the same page. No Illegals are welcome in our great country! Yes, tighten the borders, guard and monitor the green cards (which are how most get in but never leave after expiration). If we have immigration, let it go through the FULL PROCESS OF CITIZENSHIP.

    BOEHNER is working on a new Immigration reform, the major concern is that he hired Becky Tallent, a fully fledged AMNESTY PROMOTER. We know where this is going and it is not good. BOEHNER IS A WALKING CONTRADICTION.

    We the People . . . NEED to write Congress! Write the Senate! DEMAND a methodical immigration program. NO GRAY AREAS or LOOPHOLES! DEMAND NO AMNESTY! I have sent all of Congress & the Senate letters DEMANDING this, even if it defers Boehner’s promise date.

    And YES to the topic that PELOSI’s BRAIN has FLATLINED beyond productive, constructive use.

    • S. Wicks Jr

      Bonehead boehner is only out for votes. He doesn’t care about the working folks of the USA. It’s easier to flood the market with illegals that end up driving DOWN the wages for LEGALS. And then the illegals want FREE education, housing and special treatment. Close the borders and card anyone coming across. You think the the Mexicans let people in without checking them out? Do you need an ID to go to another country? Tighten the borders and send the illegals back. And if they get more than 1 bad mark (illegal entry or breaking the laws) they get sent back for good!

  • Erin Jenkinson

    But Dems cutting the pensions of Veterans who have served this country instead of closing an IRS loophole for illegals is “just right”. What a stinking piece of armadillo excrement this sorry excuse for a woman is, are all the Senate Dems.

  • Herman L. McCloud

    Where does palosi get off at with philosophy of deportation and just what doe’s she the word,
    “Illegal” to anyway or even cares as for as that is goes, She’s only looking out for “palosi” and
    how she can better herself politically and financially and that’s the only thing this creeping crud
    of creation piece of cancer whom is continuously eating away at our State Government all at the
    expense of the Tax payers, palosi has, is, and will continue to look out for, can only be summed
    up by saying “herself” meanwhile she yet remains to be seen as a working configuration of a
    political Individual with an exception of perhaps one day out of the year, if your lucky can see her
    buzzing the State Capitol Building respectfully doing her part to clean up Government Crime. !

    • S. Wicks Jr

      I wonder how many illegals she has working in her home? Servants and or whatever?!

      • Laddyboy

        Remember Mrs. Clinton with her illegal immigrants that worked for her? Not much news said about that subject.
        Democrates say, “Do what I say, Not what I do!”.

  • Buffalo Sam

    This clearly demonstrates a connection between Botox and brain damage.

    • Ted Crawford

      Well she is forbiddden to ride in convertables! At a certain speed her lips would begin to vibrate and beat her eyebrows clean off!

      • Buffalo Sam

        Those are eyebrows? I thought she was advertising for Mickey Ds.

  • jmortensen

    Ali Ali Oxenfree is not a “Game”..
    this government should be playing

  • James

    Well I would be in favor of keeping a few immigrants if we could deport Nancy Pelosi and her whole dam family. I would go for that in a heartbeat. I might even consider Muslims if Feinstein and Waters would be deported also.


    I do not wish to support 25 million ILLEGAL ALIENS with taxpayers money. Old pelosi is a multi million-aire. I thinks she should cough up with the money to support thlem.

  • raffaelecafagna

    Puke Pelosi drinks too much wine , she`s drunk 24/7

  • patriotforrevo

    For once – She is right! They should stay & she should be deported.

    • Puckmeister1

      Dead on it! Need contruibutions for her trip?

      • patriotforrevo

        Straight to HEII!

  • Rham

    Nancy Pelosi, wow when I think that once she was 3rd in line to be president of these United States and to think as well that Obama has managed to place enough people to suck the proverbial government breast, so it is possible that she may again be 3rd in line to be president come November 2014 is enough to know for sure that the world has gone mad.

  • UpLateAgain

    What’s wrong is deporting them on our dime. They should be made to pay for the deportation. If they don’t have sufficient assets to seize to cover it, the foreign government should be billed. They can in tern collect it from their indebted citizens in the future.

  • v steve

    That is what a good communist would say, to help destroy USAs Constitutional Republic. The California people seem to love and support the communist.

    • Paul Comire

      We have the only valid constitution in the world.

  • Puckmeister1

    Will someone please declare this woman “Brain Dead” and kick her to the curb! If we all had her money I suppose we would all feel the same. Unfortunately….99% of us are far below her pay grade with NONE of the perks. Someone please send her home for good. Preferably Assisted Living for people with Disabilities

    • rabrooks

      I am not a doctor, but there is something seriously wrong with this old hag. How could any sane person believe that she could lead them out of a paper bag.

    • Paul Comire

      They don’t need the money!

  • Ted Crawford

    Given that her District in The Peoples Republic of North Mexico, sports the largest, single consentration of Illegals on the Planet, and that they are a significant portion of her ‘voter pool’, this is perfectly understandable!

  • Mike Wood

    Deport her ass along with all the rest of them

    • Paul Comire

      Americans won’t miss any of them!

  • pFeather

    Reelecting this woman is “just wrong.”

  • wayne8734

    I just don’t get it,are Obamacrats that stupid or power hungry to vote such an inept moron in time after time???? She has to be the worst ,idiotic politician,to ever be elected to Congress.

  • rabrooks

    Excuse me, but why does anyone listen to this stupid beech? She came to fame with the “we have to sign theis bill..” announcement, now with the ” there needed to be discretion in how immigration laws are enforced” What good are laws when you can obey/disobey at your own discretion? Yes, the fish does rot from the head!

  • Hammer

    She might just have something there…what say we deport ALL of congress along with the judicial branch as well as the executive branch instead and just start over….it for sure would stop the civil war that is bound to happen and soon…..

    • Paul Comire

      Good Idea!

  • librtyship

    Is there any way we can deport Pelosi? I would like to suggest North Korea which I feel would be an ideal residence for Pelosi!

    • Paul Comire


  • Sterling Wulff

    Fruit cake Pelosi is WRONG in the brain…. always has been

  • truepatriotintx

    We can thank the “Land of Fruits & Nuts” for this fruitcake. Way to go CA! Embarrassed yet?

  • DaveM

    Pelosi is just plain wrong…everything about her is wrong…definite rectal cranial inversion!

  • alio

    This silly fool’s husband and relatives needmore illegals to work for low wages, so why deport them?
    There is NO other Country who allow people to stay indefinitely. These (more like 30-40 million illegals) stay here and get our money, we no longer have, for medical, schools, living quarters, every welfare program assistance; to have better lives than most of our legal residents. Deport all of ‘em.