Millennials Awakened: No Longer In Obama’s Back Pocket

About time they grew up and realize elections have consequences.
Check it out:

The Harvard University Institute of Politics has released the fall edition of its Survey of Young Americans’ Attitudes toward Politics and Public Service. It surveys those aged 18-29 on a broad range of political and current event issues. It’s a key to the general attitude and condition of America’s youth, in this case the Millennial generation. The results of this fall’s survey are surprising to many, but especially shocking to President Obama and the democratic party.

The young generation played a major role in Obama’s first election, and while slightly less enthusiastic in the 2012 election, millennials were counted on again by President Obama to help lead him to victory. But now, the Harvard IOP study shows that young Americans are not falling in line behind the President as he may have hoped and planned on. Rather, the results paint a picture of an electorate made up of millennials who are fed up with current policies and not interested in what President Obama has to offer. For my fellow wonks, the full report from the Harvard IOP can be viewed here, but here are some of the most telling results from the survey.



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