Media’s Too Happy About NSA Ruling

The one thing media loves is controversy.
Check it out:

Have you seen the news about the NSA? The federal judge, Richard Leon, has declared that the NSA sweeping phone calls is unconstitutional. Fourth Amendment. It violates search and seizure, and one of his big assertions in his opinion was that the government, despite being asked numerous times to produce evidence, has not been able to produce evidence that what they’re doing is working.

They haven’t been able to produce evidence that they’re actually getting closer to capturing terrorists or other criminals, and I’m kind of conflicted because the knee-jerk reaction is to support Judge Leon and the ruling and actually to even almost stand up and applaud and say, “Finally somebody is willing to find something in this Regime unconstitutional,” but then something happened today that made me question it.

Like everybody else, when the ruling came down and the NSA was found to be unconstitutional, like everybody else, I sort of applauded and said, “Finally something this Regime is doing, even if just a little thing here, is being found unconstitutional.” And then I was watching Fox today, and a man that I really admire, former attorney general and a federal judge himself, Michael Mukasey, was being interviewed by Bill Hemmer, and Mukasey says he knows Judge Leon, the judge that made the ruling in the NSA case and found NSA data mining phone calls unconstitutional.

He said, “I like Judge Leon and I respect him, but he’s dead wrong on this.” He said, “The only thing the NSA is collecting is metadata,” and Hemmer said, “Well, what’s metadata?” It’s the phone number, and it’s basically the phone number of both phones. It had nothing to do with the content, nothing to do with the identities behind the phone numbers. That’s not possible to know. It could be anybody using anybody’s phone to make a phone call.



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