Mandela Memorial Sign Language Interpreter a ‘Fraud’

Liberals are fake all around the world. Good to know liberalism is consistent.
Check it out:

South Africa’s own Borat? A poorly disguised body guard? No one yet knows who the man is who stood next to every speaker at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, including our own president, but we now know he was no sign language interpreter. That, though, didn’t stop this earnest-looking young man from pretending to be one.

Numerous news outlets are reporting that the deaf community, especially those in South Africa, are fuming at the fraud who stood next to every single speaker at the Mandela memorial and pretended to use sign language to interpret the speeches:

South Africa’s deaf community on Wednesday accused the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial of being a fake, who had merely flapped his arms around during speeches.



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