Why Did Mandela Go to Prison?

Liberal heroes always seem to have ugly backgrounds.
Check it out:

You’ve run up against something that happens worldwide involving leftists and the media, and that is fairy tales are created around them. The primary point with Mandela, 27 years in jail, black, apartheid. Okay, so you build the story he was put in jail because he was black, because of apartheid, because the white leaders were racist. I mean, that’s it. And then anything Mandela does after that premise is established makes him a hero. Even if he renounces violence, or even if he sponsors violence because it would be justified, given those circumstances. But fairy tales are built around leftist heroes.

The Kennedys. I mean, the fairy tales around leftist heroes in this country, you could write books about. It’s just what the left does. They have to camouflage and mask who they really are and what they really believe, and that’s why what’s happening now is happening. Now, Mandela did have some great human traits. There’s no question that when he got out of this, he was not bitter. He did say some really thoughtful, brilliant, pithy things when he got out. He invited his jailers to his inauguration, for example. The point is now he’s been martyred, and even all of this truthful news may be stuff that people just don’t want to hear. “I’d rather think of Mandela as the way I’m hearing about him in the media. That just confuses me. That makes me think about things I don’t want to think about.”



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