The Left’s Unbridled Assault on the Traditional American Family Continues

Liberals seem to have a love affair with trying to destroy anything conservative.
Check it out:

Ladies and gentlemen, the assault on the traditional, standard American way of life continues unabated, and it is being conducted by a minority of people in this country. There’s an amazing poll out there today from the Investor’s Business Daily, which illustrates just what an extreme minority today’s Democrat Party and the American left really is, in terms of minority, in terms of thinking, the body of thought in this country represented by them.

It’s stunning, but, at the same time, it’s optimistic in a sense to learn just how insignificant in numbers they are. Now, that doesn’t tell the whole story, obviously. However, the interesting thing about it is also that it is they who, obviously, when you look at the questions and when you look at the answers in the poll, it’s obviously today’s Democrats, today’s leftists who are the genuine extremists. It ain’t us, folks.

And just to give you an example, here we have the New York Times, I don’t know if you ever thought you would see something like this. I did. The New York Times is bidding farewell to the traditional family, the nuclear family. Mom and dad and 2.8 kids, not possible, except for the wealthy, the white, and the elite. Sayonara, adios, outta there. If you have that kind of a family, you are, A, a problem, B, you are a minority, and, C, you are out of there. And I just want to tell you that this is bogus. This is not the case. This is not what is happening.



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