No Law Can Increase Your Worth to a Company

Liberals have gotten people to think they are entitled to things they have not earned.
Check it out:

There’s a faction out there promoting this idea that the rich are getting richer by taking all the money, and that’s what really distressed me about what the pope was said to be saying that the rich were taking all the money. The people that promote this notion, are “promoting the ‘rich getting richer by taking all the money’ explanation for middle-class income stagnation.”

The Chuck Schumers, Bill de Blasios, I don’t care, take your pick. They all claim that the middle class is stagnating because the rich are taking all the money. The rich are denying the middle class their chance to advance, because the rich are taking all their money. “But there might be more to the story. Economist Russ Roberts points out that at the same time the growth rate in family income was flattening from 1973 through 1993,” meaning it wasn’t going up as it had been since the fifties, what was happening in those 20 years?

What was happening from 1973 to 1993? Well, “(a) the divorce rate” was skyrocketing, ergo, “(b) the number of households headed by women” was skyrocketing. So the number of single-parent households was skyrocketing, and all of this was especially true among poor families. The economist, Russ “Roberts contends this had a huge impact on data showing middle-class income stagnation,” and it would make total sense.

You can’t deny, nobody can deny that that’s what was happening in that 20-year period, 1973-93. The divorce rate spiked, single-parent familyhood, mothers and fathers breaking up, trading the kids back and forth. You cannot erase that massive cultural shift from the equation where you talk about income stagnation. So that the left wants you to believe, at that point in ’73 when middle class income started to level off, that’s when the rich got evil — and then Reagan came along.



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