Would Jesus Have Supported a Nanny State?

Why not ask the bible instead of liberals? It says that if any would not work, neither should he eat. It’s not the governments job to take care of people.
Check it out:

Would Jesus have imposed a system that hurts one group to help another? That was the debate tonight on The O’Reilly Factor between Father Gerald Murray and Joshua DuBois, a spiritual adviser to President Obama.

Father Gerald said part of Christ’s teaching is to take care of the poor and “we do so for spiritual motives.”

Bill O’Reilly pointed out that we haven’t taken care of the poor if there’s 41 million Americans uninsured. Referring to ObamaCare, the Factor host said, “The problem I have […] is that you’re helping one group by hurting another group – and a bigger group. So I don’t know if Jesus is going to be down with that.”

DuBois responded, “The bottom line is, if you add up every single private charitable dollar that feeds hungry people in this country, it’s only 10 percent of what we would need to make sure everyone has food in their stomach. The rest comes from the federal government.”



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