Jeb Bush Pens New Year Wish: Immigration Reform in 2014

Maybe for 2016 we can have a bunch of RINO’s cancel each other out so a conservative gets through! Wouldn’t that be nice for once!
Check it out:

Former Florida Governor and amnesty advocate Jeb Bush alleged that America’s economy needs an influx of foreign workers across all sectors and declared that 2014 would be a “blockbuster year that finally takes [immigration] reform” across the finish line.

Bush noted that “every member of the House leadership team has expressed commitment to move reform forward in 2014” and the “home stretch” is in sight.” Bush wrote his op-ed a day before President Barack Obama on Friday said that comprehensive immigration reform had been his “biggest” goal in 2013. Obama said it was “frustrating” that he could not accomplish his biggest policy objective even though only three percent of Americans feel that immigration reform is the nation’s most important priority.

Despite studies that have found that the so-called shortage of high-tech workers is a myth and the Congressional Budget Office’s determination that comprehensive immigration reform legislation would lower the wages of American workers, Bush alleged that more foreign workers who will work for cheaper wages would be good for America’s economy.



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