The Hunt Is On And I Smell’s RINOs

There is nothing like the smell of RINO cooking in the primary grill.
Check it out:

Even after my opponent made his pro-Amnesty, “legalize everyone now” intentions clear; voted YES on the Senate negotiated CR spending and debt ceiling deal (funding ObamaCare), NO on Tom McClintock’s $1.5 billion Dept. of Energy cut; refused pledge not to raise taxes… shall I go on, or do you get the picture?

Keep in mind this is less than a year into his Congressional tenure – and there’s plenty more – including bad votes on insurance subsidies, NSA, taxpayer handouts to local governments to scoop up private land – he can’t even support the RSC’s Fiscal Year ’14 “Back to Basics” Budget? It’s a no-brainer, pal! He’s on the wrong side of conservatives nearly every turn..

Yet… People still give me crap for running against a Republican – some even identifying themselves as conservatives or representatives of Tea Party groups. What the hell is that? Now listen to me, sportsfans: We are never – I repeat – never, going to get a damn thing done about the Marxists running the show over there in D.C. – THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT (my best Levin voice) if we don’t get rid of these RINO’s who are running interference first.



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