Huckabee Endorses Convention of States Project

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As the Convention of States Project grows, it is increasingly gaining the attention of the public and the politically savvy. With many people coming out in support of the COS Project, be on the lookout for your favorite legislator or political analyst. Here are just a few of the endorsements the Project has received from influential thinkers and legislators:

Former Governor Mike Huckabee: “The Framers gave us a structure to allow the states to unilaterally impose proper controls on the federal government when it overruns the boundaries they had established. Article V allows for a Convention of States for this very purpose. The states can meet in official session to draft amendments to the Constitution that require fiscal restraint and other limitations on federal power. My longtime friend, Michael Farris—who is an excellent constitutional litigator and professor—has joined with Mark Meckler and Citizens for Self-Governance to actually bring this idea into reality. I have reviewed their plan and it is both innovative and realistic.



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