If this doesn’t show what a joke liberalism is than nothing does.
Check it out:

Let’s just get this out of the way ’cause I think it’s funny as it can be. Vladimir Putin is jealous of Obama because he can spy on anybody and get away with it. I just absolutely love this. This is this morning in Moscow, Putin held a press conference, and during the Q&A, he was asked about the NSA spying and all that. This is what he said.

PUTIN: “My relations to Obama following Snowden. I envy him, because he can do this and there will be nothing for him because of this. But there’s nothing specific to be pleased about or to be upset about. Everything has always been like this, first of all. Spying has always gone on since ancient times.”

Yeah. Yeah. Of course it has. But Obama’s getting away with this. I mean, we never dreamed of doing this even when we were leading the communists of the world. We never dreamed of this kind of spying, and he’s getting away with it. Here’s the former head honcho of the KGB complaining he couldn’t get away with what Obama’s getting away with. I don’t know. For some reason I found it amusing.

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