Hating Obama

Everything Obama touches gets ruined.
Check it out:

Imagine your first grade class, Billy is a 6-years-old and that has taken a liking to your favorite markers. One after another disappears. You get mad and instead of confronting Billy or the teacher, you decide to tell all your classmates to call Billy “The stinky marker thief.” You’re still angry at Billy because this doesn’t stop his infuriating habits and now some kids are even support him–they like this idea of stealing your markers. So you decide to take more action, by taking notes of Billy’s every move to find dirt on him, but you’re having a little trouble. You realize that you can take a situation and with enough of a following you can make even lies appear true. You see Billy by the teacher’s desk looking for the chalk he dropped, you tell everyone that Billy is stealing the teacher’s answer book, now everyone calls him, “Billy the Cheat.” Before you know it, you don’t remember your main goal..Billy needs to stop stealing your markers.



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