Jane Fonda has to be one of the most disgusting human beings ever.
Check it out:

Well, since her halcyon days as a Communist rally organizer and America Hater First Class, she’s apparently mellowed with age. She’s now 75 and hasn’t made a movie in forever, and doesn’t show up at any Democratic events anymore either. My guess is that since today’s Democratic Party is a tad to the left of where she was in 1968 she’d feel out of place being the most conservative one in the room.

Hanoi Jane is now Charity Jane. She has her own foundation, the Jane Fonda Foundation, and she spends her time – when she’s not elbowing John Kerry out of the way for Botox – running her foundation.

Though Jane Fonda’s private foundation has nearly $800,000 in assets, the group has not made a charitable contribution during the last five years for which it has filed federal tax returns, an apparent violation of Internal Revenue Service rules.

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