I’d like to make a call to eliminate government schools.
Check it out:

The Cardinal Newman Society, a Catholic organization that promotes and defends faithful Catholic education, has launched “Catholic Is Our Core,” a project to help parents become involved in the debate about the increasingly controversial Common Core standards and to emphasize that Catholic faith is the “core” of Catholic education.

On December 20th, the Cardinal Newman Society issued the following statement regarding the quick adoption of Common Core by some Catholic educators, despite the fact that the new standards have been largely untested:

We have grave concerns. This school reform effort is nothing short of a revolution in how education is provided, relying on a technocratic, top-down approach to setting national standards that, despite claims to the contrary, will drive curricula, teaching texts, and the content of standardized tests. At its heart, the Common Core is a woefully inadequate set of standards in that it limits the understanding of education to a utilitarian “readiness for work” mentality.

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