Greenpeace Santa to Kids: Global Warming Could Cancel Christmas

This is hilarious. They can’t win with the facts, so now they have to try fantasy. Literally. The irony is lost on the liberal mindset though…
Check it out:

How many of you watch Downton Abbey? Doesn’t matter if you do or not, but I’ve got a sound bite here from very popular actor on that series, Mr. Jim Carter, who plays the role of the butler, Mr. Carson. (interruption) You watch Downton Abbey? (interruption) You still watch it? (interruption) You’ve never seen it? (interruption) What, not enough blood and guts and immorality for you? Well, I just finished watching the season that you all will start watching in January.

I get access to the BBC files of the show, so I’ve seen the upcoming season of Downton Abbey, and it’s a good one. It’s better than last season. Really is. Really a good season. But, anyway, this actor that plays the butler, Mr. Carson, did an ad for Greenpeace UK. It’s on the UK Greenpeace website, and this is also outrageous. It is an ad aimed at children. You know, these people, they corrupt everybody, but they claim to hold children so dear. What they really do is just destroy them. They destroy their dreams, they lie to them, they use them, they scare them, they panic them.

Listen to this.



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