Governor Christie Clears Up Everything

Christie is going to gum up the works in 2016 for sure.
Check it out:

I better play this sound bite. Grab number 31, before Governor Christie hops the state plane and comes out here and tries to find our studio. Fred Dicker, the New York Post, did write that Christie is ambivalent about supporting a Republican, Republican gubernatorial nominee to oppose New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. And in the story in the New York Post there’s a consultant, an operative that’s quoted saying that Christie is really damaging his chances to be the Republican presidential nominee. So yesterday in Trenton, Governor Christie held a presser. During the Q&A, he said this about those reports that he is supporting Westchester, New York County Executive Rob Astorino for Governor of New York.

CHRISTIE: Mr. Astorino hasn’t told me or anybody else he’s running for governor. I’m not supporting somebody who doesn’t say they’re — who won’t say whether they’re running or not. So, I think it’s kind of much ado about nothing. When we have a Republican nominee for governor of New York then I’ll support the Republican nominee for governor of New York.

RUSH: Okay, so that’s cleared up. Governor Christie says when we have a Republican nominee, then he will support that nominee. (interruption) Well, I know it’s somewhat interesting and it has to be cleared up, but look, time will take care of this, and all will be revealed in due course, and you all will see. These things are not one-offs, the hugging of Obama and all that.



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