GOP to Us: We Can’t Win, So Shut Up

2014 elections are going to be very interesting. Especially the primaries.
Check it out:

They had their Contract with America. Back when Newt was Newt, they fought the Democrats. They fought Clinton every day, every year. They ended up going off the rails, but the fact is that it can be done. This bunch, for some reason, takes comfort in — and wants us to take comfort in — that they can’t win and that they shouldn’t even try or push back, and so it leaves us to ask why. That’s why people then start saying, “Well, maybe they don’t really disagree with what’s going on.”

If they won’t even try, if they won’t even try to amass a voting majority to defeat this stuff, if they’re just going to retreat into the friendly confines of, “Hey, we’re doing the best we can because we can’t win. We don’t have any power. We got Obama in there and we got Harry Reid over here, and we can’t win.” I’m constantly amazed that there’s no push back. Look, I’ll say it again. You look at the opposition to Obamacare. There is a readymade majority just waiting to be connected to by the Republican Party, and there’s no effort made to do so. So what else can we conclude other than they’re really not that unhappy with what’s going on? And that’s why people say that.

“Yeah, we can’t win. Nothing we can do. They have the White House. They’ve got the Senate. We barely holding on to the House here, and we’re really just scared to death of a government shutdown. There’s nothing we can do.” So I think it’s us, folks, that need to learn how to “embrace the suck,” frankly.



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