The Free Market Would Fix Health Care

The health care problems started with government regulations even before ObamaCare.
Check it out:

The cost of staying in a hospital has gone out of whack, based on there’s no connection to market forces. There’s no connection to the consumer’s ability to pay in practically any aspect of health care. And that, by the way, is where the fix for this is. And it really isn’t that complicated. But the people involved in it don’t want an uncomplicated fix. They want more involvement by the government. It’s seedy.

Well, I’m glad you heard the podcasts yesterday. I’m glad you heard the point made ’cause I think it’s a fundamental point. The idea that nothing in health care is priced in relationship to the patient’s ability to pay for it, and everything else in life is. That’s why there are different quality products, hotels, cars, different ways to buy tickets, seats on an airline. All different price categories can handle every segment of the market and their ability to pay. In health care, it’s been thrown out the window. You’ve got a government disinterested, a third party that is responsible for making payment, and the people being treated have lost all concept until they lose their insurance. That’s what they’re finding now.

In fact, I think Sebelius has decreed that the new Obamacare plans are gonna cover refills under the old plans for a little while longer. ‘Cause people are reacting, “What do you mean? This prescription costs me $1,800 or $1,200. I can’t afford that.” “Okay, okay, okay, we’ll keep it under the old rules for a while.” Just like you can keep your old plan for a while, if the insurance companies go along with it. This thing has been so bastardized and blown up now, it is totally out of control. It is an absolute, total mess. And we haven’t even gotten to the cancellation notices for the 80% who get their health insurance at work.



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