The Fracking Renaissance

Liberals hate it when they can’t control advancements.
Check it out:

There is a boom coming from the private sector that looks to rewrite the American story for the next generation.

It is possibly the life preserver this country needs as it attempts to correct itself from decades of expanding debts. These two forces together will upend the labor markets of the world. America is becoming a manufacturing and energy powerhouse once again due to this combination punch of robots and the unlocking of untapped resources.

This story has been in the works for a while, but the technologies are now beginning to hit escape velocity. When we combine cheap and domestic energy sources with the latest in robotic automation, the balance of trade will shift back to our shores, creating a re-shoring renaissance. The rise of these technologies has been chugging along, but until recently, the critical cost point was not breached.

The potential lay dormant to the casual observer. Their power is much like a seed in your garden – the ingredients are all there to make the mightiest redwood from the smallest of seeds if the conditions are favorable. With a tree, it is the combination of water, sunlight, and nutrients that facilitate its growth. In the case of our domestic manufacturing base, it is the cheap energy derived from horizontal drilling and fracking combined with the marriage of computing power and high-mobility engineering.



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