Elian Gonzalez Pops Up to Praise the Revolution

Tyrants are able to brainwash people with their lies.
Check it out:

Do you remember little Elian Gonzalez? Do you remember Gonzalez? He was living down there with Maras Lasias. It wasn’t her name. That’s how Gloria Estefan pronounced it, Maras Lasias, she’s living down there in the House, Maras Lasias, the aunt of Elian Gonzalez. They were trying to keep the kid, the kid’s father is in Cuba, his mother died on the way to America.

Elian made it, and the argument was, “Well, hell, his mother brought him here, he should stay here.” He had family here and they’re trying to keep him. And Janet Reno flew down there from Washington with muscle from the AFT, stormed the house, took little Elian Gonzalez and gave him to his father, Juan Gonzalez. Juan Gonzalez had flown in from Cuba, the father. Juan Gonzalez took Elian Gonzalez home. Fidel Castro called a press conference. I’ll never forget this. In praising the father, Juan Gonzalez, he said he’s a good worker. I said, is that not perfect? This is how a Marxist leader looks at a citizen, as a good worker. He’s just a peon. He’s a good worker. So, anyway, they took Elian Gonzalez home, and we knew it. We called it back then. They’re gonna turn this kid into an agent of propaganda, and in five years he’s gonna be out there ripping America.

And, lo and behold, the time has come. Little Elian Gonzalez is now blaming America for Cuba’s problems. On the day after Barack Hussein Obama shakes the hand of Raul Castro, here comes Elian Gonzalez, who is now… How old would he be? I forget the year. Twenties now, maybe? Here’s yesterday afternoon on CNN’s Newsroom, the senior Latin-American affairs correspondent, Rafael Romo, reporting about an interview that an unidentified CNN reporter conducted with Elian Gonzalez.



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