Election ads paint Dems with Obama’s ‘lie’

This shouldn’t be hard. Seems like Everything Obama says is a lie.
Check it out:

Think you’ve heard a lot about Obamacare already? The arbitrary cancellation of policies, the high price hikes, the stupendous co-pays and deductibles, the fact that you can’t keep your doctor, your hospital, your plan, or your medications?

Just wait for the 2014 election season.

In fact, don’t bother waiting; it’s already under way.

And there is expected to be a slugfest over the president’s singular Oval Office accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act.

Experts say Obamacare will be central to many election races, and Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest grassroots advocate for health care freedom, already has launched some of its television ads, as it describes, “holding lawmakers accountable for their support of Obamacare.”

One ad targets Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan, who supported Obama’s massive restructuring of the nation’s health care system.



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