Drive-Bys Declare Website Fixed — and Help the Hero of Their Story Rebrand Obamacare

The lies of the liberal media at times would be hilarious if they weren’t so sad.
Check it out:

I want to get into the Health Care Stack here, folks. It is just outrageous, and the bottom line is, it’s worse than anybody is admitting. I’m talking about from the Regime. I think it’s worse than anybody really even knows. But it has been mentioned earlier today, and I want to reemphasize this: I don’t think that it is designed to work. It can’t. This is the point. You know our great 17-year-old caller who watched the Hillsdale College online course Econ 101.

The professor illustrated that the government cannot replicate the private sector. They can’t take over and make the private sector work as it works unfettered — well, not unfettered, there’s regulation, but without the government being involved. They just can’t do it, no matter what it is, making sure everybody has pencils, making sure everybody has food. No, they cannot do it, and it’s not that these people can’t do it, although they can’t. They’re maybe the least qualified of anybody that’s tried.
But government as an entity can’t do it.

The private sector, capitalism, free markets, cease to exist once the government interferes, once the government attempts to take over and control it. They just can’t do it. It isn’t possible. And the professor’s point was it’ll never work. But yet that’s not stopping them from doing it, is it? It’s not stopping Obama from trying, is it? It’s not ending the daily soap opera of whether or not the website’s up and running, whether it’s gonna work out eventually, whether or not you’ll be able to get health care, whether or not all of your data is secure.



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