Democrats are the New Corporatists

And the biggest liars around.
Check it out:

Global warming, DiCaprio doesn’t know. Algore, DiCaprio doesn’t know. Capitalism, DiCaprio doesn’t know. It doesn’t matter about what you’re talking about. I mean, hell, folks. Half of these people on Wall Street prop up the Democrat Party, if not more than half of ’em. They’re the true corporatists. And, by the way, corporatist is just a new word for fascist. And all fascism is is the alignment of business and government. And it basically happens when business decides to throw in with government in a protection scheme. You throw in with a sympathetic president who protects him and uses him and makes sure that the industry is not attacked or assaulted or regulated out of existence by government, but the competitors are, and you’ve got corporatism, and that’s what we’ve got here.

We’ve got full-fledged corporatism. All these guys are Democrats, these CEOs. This idea that big money Wall Street is all Republicans? It’s not true. And it hasn’t been true for a long time. DiCaprio doesn’t know, period. He doesn’t know that. There’s a willful ignorance among these kinds of people. I don’t mean to be harping on DiCaprio, but I mean if he’s gonna enter the fray here, then he’s gonna be commented on. I was minding my own business and all of a sudden I hear DiCaprio criticizing capitalism because he played a movie role. Okay, well, fine, I’m gonna react to it.



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