Decision 2014 Preview: GOP Needs to Cut Cannibalism

How about we vote for the most conservative and let the rest sort itself out?
Check it out:

Talk of the 2016 presidential election cycle already draws groans from those still sick of the political circus that was the 2012 cycle. It seems anytime a prominent political figure makes a trip to Iowa, the media begins to play out scenarios and polling numbers for their still-nonexistent presidential campaign. Speculation that Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden will run against Ted Cruz or Mile Huckabee monopolize the nightly news and cable networks.

But while Americans and pundits alike look toward 2016, there’s a very important contest that is just around the corner: the 2014 senate races. 33 US Senate seats are in play, in a crucial time for our nation and both major parties. With the current balance of power in Washington close to the tipping point, the democrats have the most to lose. Their senate majority, led by Harry Reid of Nevada, has been leading the charge on a number of unpopular policies, including Obamacare. With its problem-plagued rollout and shrinking popularity, it’s a dangerous liability for democrats, who are solely responsible for it’s passing and implementation.



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