Colorado, Washington Begin Risky Legal Marijuana Sales

Just what our society needs, more drugs and people not thinking clearly.
Check it out:

As Colorado and Washington open up their states to legal marijuana sales, their residents face myriad challenges as pioneers in a country that has otherwise outlawed the drug–from smuggling into other states to the federal government’s looming ability to crack down on marijuana growers.

The Associated Press released a report on Sunday detailing what it calls the “pitfalls” of being the first states to fully legalize the marijuana trade. The report cites the potential for smuggling into other states and the use of the drug by minors as among the risks the states were willing to take. Many of these alleged dangers, however, are mostly speculative–after all, no states have expanded the legal marijuana trade to this extent, so no one quite knows what the repercussions will be.

The AP notes few potential dangers in the increased medically regulated use of the drug itself other than those alleged by its opponents. While police in both states must be trained and prepared to address the potential increase in “driving high” incidents, both states passed laws regarding driving while high analogous to drunk driving, leaving the response to such crimes a matter of execution. No one has any way of predicting whether such incidents will increase in frequency or if legalization will attract more responsible drug users.



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