Cancer Patient’s Treatment in Jeopardy

Liberals don’t get that when they are in the way nothing gets done.
Check it out:

CALLER: I want to get to the point. I have two cancers. My insurance company is MCHA, which is Minnesota Comprehensive Health Insurance, which was dropped October 1st. Because of all the problems they were having they extended it to the next year. Now, my question for you is, I’m in need of a stem cell replacement surgery, which has already been approved by MCHA. Now, if I go to another insurance company, even though they say I’d have to be accepted to the insurance, where’s the guarantee that they’re gonna accept me to have this stem cell replacement surgery since that’s my last defense of my disease?

RUSH: And so you’re asking me if you will qualify for insurance and treatment under the next plan?

CALLER: I know I will qualify for the insurance, but are they gonna follow through and accept the stem cell replacement surgery? My stem cells are frozen right now at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

RUSH: Well, now, why wouldn’t they?

CALLER: Because they never follow through with all their decisions now. If they do that, I would be very happy. But talking with the insurance companies, nobody can guarantee that they’ll follow through with the treatment.

RUSH: Even though you will have insurance for it?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know that I’m qualified to answer this. The only thing I could do is give you a wild guess, based on what’s happening to other people. You’re basically saying if you like your stem cell treatment, will you be able to keep it?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: And the history is no. I mean, sadly, if you like your doctor, you were gonna be able to keep him, but you can’t. If you liked your policy, you’re gonna be able to keep that, but you can’t. And it’s a crapshoot. It’s all about level of treatment and what some distant third party who doesn’t care, has no personal stake, is gonna make a judgment on the cost and whether or not it makes sense to be spent on you.



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