Can eyes of photographed crime victims help spot criminals?

The NSA is going to be incorporating this into their system now.
Check it out:

Can the eyes of photographed crime victims help authorities spot their victimizers?

According to new research published Thursday in the journal PLOS One, high-resolution photographs can be “mined” for hidden information. Specifically, the authors said that photographs of faces can reveal enough visual information on bystanders to identify them.

In a small sampling of 32 study participants, test subjects were able to spot familiar faces reflected in the pupils of someone who was photographed 84% of the time, researchers said. When the reflected images were of unfamiliar people, observers were able to match the person to a second mug shot with 71% accuracy.

“Criminal investigations often use photographic evidence to identify subjects,” wrote study authors Rob Jenkins, a psychologist at the University of York in England, and Christie Kerr of the University of Glasgow in Scotland.



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