When the Bubble Bursts, It Won’t Be Pretty

Obama wants things to burst so he can be in charge of the mess.
Check it out:

When there was bad economic news, the market went nuts. Good. When there was good economic news, the market fell. Everybody is scratching their heads over it. They finally figured out that it was inflation everybody’s worried about because the Fed is controlling everything, not the market right now. And the Fed can do whatever they want to do when they want to do it. There’s no supervision. So if they reduce the $85 billion that they’re printing or eliminate it — I don’t want to see it, but there would be a lot of people with some schadenfreude who’d like to see it ’cause it’s an instant bubble.

It’s like the tech bubble in the early 2000s. I mean, there were tech companies worth nothing with valuations of five and 10 billion, all because these venture capitalists had put a bunch of money in. But there was nothing underneath it. There was nothing supporting them. Some of these companies had three and $400 share prices. And for what? It turns out nothing. The bubble burst and it was not pretty, and the same circumstance exists now in the market at large. So, anyway, Vinny, it’s a good call. I’m glad you made it through.

It’s an interesting point, folks, about the number of private sector jobs, taxes, ’cause that’s all necessary to create a government job. And look, I don’t mean to impugn government people here, but there’s a big difference in a government job and a private sector job. Nothing’s produced in the public sector. They’re just strictly taking. There’s nothing produced. The government does not add a thing to economic growth. The government cannot create wealth. All they can do is redistribute it or destroy it, but they cannot create it, and they don’t. Well, look, there’s exceptions to everything, and if Obama wants to give a crony capitalist partner $500 billion in so-called loans to build worthless windmills, yeah, I mean, it can happen that way, but again, that’s not real.

I’m talking about real, not artificial. And there just isn’t enough real anymore. Everything is artificial with this Regime, everything is. It’s either a lie or it’s artificial, but there isn’t anything substantively real that’s the foundation for anything happening in this Regime. Folks, it’s a disaster.



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