The Most Brilliant Man in the World Says His Critics Want to “Go Back to the Status Quo”

What will history say about Obama?
Check it out:

You know when George W. Bush spoke, just spoke, I don’t care what he said, the media immediately cast him as a dunce, as an idiot. You recall this. Bush was an idiot. Reagan was an amiable dunce, he was an idiot. Bill Clinton, brilliant. Hillary Clinton, smartest woman in the world. Obama, so smart, I mean, we have no prayer of keeping up. Remember the Valerie Jarrett quotes that we found from, I think it was last week. “He’s just bored by all of this.” Valerie Jarrett says there hasn’t been one time since she’s known him that he’s been intellectually challenged. He’s just so far ahead of us. He’s just light years beyond us. We wilt in the glow of the radiation of his brilliance. We can barely even look at it because we would blind ourselves, or some such thing.

And I, frankly, think it’s a crock. I think it’s all manufactured PR, and it’s based on something that we’ve all known for a long time. If you learn how to speak and have a decent vocabulary, you can fool all kinds of people into thinking that you are refined, elegant, educated, urbane, all of these upper crust, elite descriptions. And they tell us this about a guy who says corpseman, secretary of states, attorney generals, 57 states, when he’s campaigning. And there’s another one here, ladies and gentlemen. Obama’s out talking about his health care plan and how people want him to fail or want it to fail. I am living rent free in his head.



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