The Biggest Selfie Boo-Boo Since Weiner

Liberals think that powerful offices are just one big party.
Check it out:

Are you aware of the controversy over that selfie Obama took of himself and the prime minister of Denmark and David Cameron? And there’s more than one photo. I mean, this guy, folks, we gotta be up front here. There is no question Obama was enjoying whatever was going on between the two of them. He took a selfie in the middle of the ceremony honoring Nelson Mandela, and in all of the pictures Michelle is not looking pleased, not involved, not engaged, not looking happy. In fact, in the series of photos that have been taken, Obama gets up to leave to go make his speech, and when he comes back, Michelle has taken his seat next to the babe from Denmark so that Obama can’t sit next to her.

Then there are pictures of Obama giving this woman a kiss. Now, it’s a peck on the cheek, but the angle of the picture makes it look like more than that, with Michelle looking on, unhappily. I know, it’s not just Europeans that do it. But it’s so bad out there that the guy who took the picture of Obama taking the selfie has written a long piece apologizing for taking the picture of Obama taking the selfie and trying to say that Michelle was not mad or upset. That he was there, he was watching, he had eyeballs on it the whole time and he’s just profoundly embarrassed that his picture of Obama taking the selfie with the babe from Denmark and David Cameron has caused all of this. So it’s a giant apology piece from this guy.

In the meantime, this is hilarious. There’s a piece here from by a woman named Roxane Gay. “The Media’s Michelle Obama Problem: What a Selfie Says About Our Biases.” And let me read you some of the pull quotes. “More than anything, the response to these latest images of Michelle Obama speaks volumes about the expectations placed on black women in the public eye and how a black women’s default emotional state is perceived as angry. The black woman is ever at the ready to aggressively defend her territory. She is making her disapproval known. She never gets to simply be.”



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