America in the Midst of a Great Plunge

Obama has made America into a wimpy country that no one respects around the world.
Check it out:

If I may — and I can because it’s who I am and it’s my program — if I may be serious for just a brief moment. For those of you who are relatively young in the audience, you may find it hard to believe this, but there was a day not that long ago where — I don’t care what party he came from — no president would join this collection of people, for whatever occasion going on in South Africa. There was a day where the United States and its president would not deign to associate with the likes of some of the people on that stage.

Brian Williams is right. They would find another way. But the president of the United States would not participate in any action or ceremony which caused the United States to shrink in self-respect, importance, size, what have you. Not long ago, that would have been the case. It’s a different world now. It’s a changed world. We live in a world where the United States is largely guilty and responsible for all of the criminals and thieves and thugs in the world, and we live in an era where the United States is due for a bunch of come-downs because we’ve been unfairly and illegally and immorally making ourselves a superpower all of these years.

So now it’s proper that we be seated with personages of less than high repute, because we are responsible for them. That’s the prevailing opinion of the left. Anything that causes the United States to shine less bright, and anything that causes the United States to diminish in capacity and respect is fine with them. And this clearly does that. It’s not the handshake. It’s the overall behavior. It’s the posing for selfies, taking selfies. I mean, Christiane Amanpour calls this a warm-up act for Obama, but the fact is that’s exactly how he sees this event.



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