Liberals always take care of their own.
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In June, 16-year-old Ethan Couch plowed his pickup truck into two vehicles parked on the side of a Texas highway, killing four people and injuring nine. The teenager, who had stolen beer from a local Walmart earlier in the day, had a blood alcohol level of 0.24 three times the legal limit for an adult.

Media pundits, outraged citizens and the families of the deceased are now howling for justice after Couch got a relatively lenient sentence: 10 years’ probation, plus a stint at a high-priced private counseling center in California, paid for by Couch’s wealthy father, according to KHOU.

The case also brought renewed attention to the term “affluenza,” a popular term for a non-medical condition marked by irresponsibility, reckless behavior, casual sex, substance abuse and the all-around obnoxious, antisocial conduct seen in some wealthy people and, especially, their kids. A psychologist brought in by Couch’s defense attorneys claimed affluenza was the root cause of his criminal acts.

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