2014 Panic: Democrats Have to Sell Obamacare Again as White House Suspends It

Nothing quite as enjoyable as seeing Democrats scatter like a bunch of rats on a sinking ship.
Check it out:

With the White House adding a “hardship exception” to the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, the Wall Street Journal argues they are admitting their law is a hardship itself. This puts Democrats in the unenviable position of disowning their own ability to legislate on the eve of the 2014 Congressional midterms.

In a column aptly titled “Obama Repeals Obamacare,” editorial board member Joe Rago argues that Rep. Nancy Pelosi might have included Democrats in her statement that only passing the bill would let us see what is in it. He says now that Democrats can see the devastating results for both Americans and the future of their party, the only way to salvage the law is to prevent most of it from taking effect.

“Preventing the individual mandate from taking effect for individuals whose plan was canceled specifically because of the Affordable Care Act,” he suggests, “implicitly confirm[s] that the law is quarter-baked and harmful” even in the eyes of Democrats. If Obamacare is a hardship itself that warrants an exception for Americans, that makes it little better legally than a natural disaster. That law is what Democrats have to sell voters in the 2014 midterms.



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