2012 Election was a Fraud

Obama is a fraud.
Check it out:

If the election were held today, Romney would win, and that story said nothing about Hispanics or the Hispanic vote. If the election were held today — it was a reflection of people’s attitudes on Obama and the country — Romney would have won. Meaning: If people had known in 2012 what they know today, Romney would have won. Not with Hispanics, not with the black vote, not with the women’s vote, the pro-abortion vote. Just the general public.

Now, Obama is out today, in his speech today, he said that addressing income inequality will be the focus of all White House effort for the rest of his presidency. Now, if everything Obama’s talking about today, this week, last week, all this stuff, if he had campaigned in 2012, “This is gonna be what I’m gonna do,” you think he woulda won? Income inequality, expanding the welfare state, raising the minimum wage? No chance. Not a chance. We’ve been defrauded, folks. I can’t tell you how many ways, but there’s always tomorrow.



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