Will This Scandal Stick to Obama?

Obama will always blame someone else.
Check it out:

The insurance companies were not gonna be happy. The insurance companies are fit to be tied, ladies and gentlemen, ’cause a lot of ’em got out of markets. A lot of them left states, all kinds of things. This is an absolute mess for these guys. In the old days, like three years ago, everybody would just snap to whatever Obama wanted, they would do it, and they would have back then. But it’s a different day. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think some threshold has been crossed now. Take a look at this media analysis of this press conference today. “It was rambling. It was incoherent. It was a disaster.” That’s just three reviews.

And then the insurance companies are saying, “Hell, no way.” I mean, that’s relatively new. I mean, the guy pretending to be dictator waving his wand and then people are saying, “Well, no.” And he’s not used to that, other than from his wife. That’s why he goes to Five Guys to burger up. Well, he does. He has to leave the White House instead of eating roots and berries and twigs and stuff. That could be half the problem.



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