Virginia Exit Polls Confirm: When Unmarried Women Look to Government for Everything, They Find Democrats

Making people dependent on government breads dependence.
Check it out:

The Democrat Party rides into the rescue to make up for all of that that these brute men do not give women. Now, that may be a slight exaggeration. “Well,” somebody asked, “how come these Julias aren’t signing up for Obamacare?” We don’t know how many of ’em are trying and don’t know how to use computers and don’t know what to do when they get in there. But it’s not just these Julias and unmarried women not signing up for Obamacare. Nobody’s signing up for Obamacare yet.

Well, speaking that, I keep reminding myself of things I want to talk about here. Lanny Davis, who’s one of the Democrat Party crisis managers, if you will, was on Fox this morning. He was out there, Lanny Davis, and he says (summarized), “You know what? Obama needs to go on TV and admit that he lied, and he needs to go on TV and tell people, ‘It is gonna cost you. Your insurance is gonna cost more, your health care is gonna cost more, and it’s the only way that we can make sure everybody has it.’

“He just ought to go out there and just do it, just go out there and say it.” These Democrat crisis managers are really, really worried that this lie that Obama told — if he sticks to it and tries to finesse it — is gonna come back and hurt ’em ’cause they’re really worried about what happened in Virginia. I saw ’em on TV today. They really are scared to death because Cuccinelli had this issue. Had there been another two weeks or had there been some money for Cuccinelli from the GOP establishment, he coulda won this.

He coulda won it because Obamacare is an albatross around the Democrats’ necks.

Yesterday I said, “I don’t like playing the could’ve/would’ve moral victory game,” but sometimes it is helpful to point out that had Cuccinelli won and had the reason been Obamacare, do you realize the number of elected Democrats, especially those up for reelection next year, might have caved on Obamacare? The Republican Party, had they worked hard toward getting Cuccinelli elected, could have dealt a huge blow to Obamacare. Now, that is worth sitting here and regretting. Because it’s an opportunity lost. And it could still happen, is the point.



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