Veterans Day: America’s 2nd Most Important Holiday?

Ranking holidays? Great. This is like ranking your favorite child.
Check it out:

Veterans Day is a singular opportunity for Americans to be grateful for the gallant heroes that gave a piece of their lives, or in many cases their blood, for the survival of the American values we cherish. Values derived from the Judeo–Christian principles of love for one’s God and freedom for all men.

The men and women who have made these sacrifices in order to defy malevolent aggressors that seek to undermine American liberty or the liberty of others should get their fair share of recognition. Even though they would never ask for it.

But shouldn’t Veterans Day be at least #2 in the pantheon of American holidays? Independence Day might precede all others, but America’s independence was the reason for our very first veterans. You might say the role model of all subsequent American armies and Navies were the soldiers of the American Revolution.



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