A Trap for Republicans

Liberals love their lies.
Check it out:

You cannot have Obamacare and your old policy at the same time. If you keep your old policy, there’s no Obamacare. They’d have to roll back Obamacare. They’d have to cancel Obamacare to give you your old plan, if we’re gonna follow the law here. I guess with this bunch, that’s not a given. But if the law counts for anything, you cannot have Obamacare and your insurance policy used to have at the same time because the Obamacare law doesn’t permit it.

Obamacare requires a bunch of things in every policy now.

They’re trying to blame the insurance companies for changing everybody’s policies, and the insurance companies are simply complying with the new law. The insurance companies have to cover contraception, and that means that everybody has it in their policy. You’ve got to pay for it for the people that are using it so that they don’t have to pay for it in their minds. All these Democrats are running around saying, “We just find a way to let people keep their plans.”

Don’t fall for it, folks.

It’s another typical Democrat trick.

You can’t get your old plan back. It’s gone. You got a cancellation notice. They would have to delay, defund, or repeal Obamacare — and then the insurance companies would have to agree to go back and re-create the policies that you had that you liked. They don’t exist. One more time: The architect of Obamacare, Mr. Gruber, made the point that you cannot have both. If everybody gets their old policies back that they liked, you don’t have Obamacare.



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