Transparent: Obama Wants to Move the Enrollment Date Until After the Election

So can anyone explain how Obama can just arbitrarily decide what date he wants to do this?
Check it out:

Obama has decided he just gonna delay things for 2015. Now, the sum total of the news stories today is he’s gonna delay a bunch of stuff to 2015. Just get it passed the election, just do it. Who’s going to stop him, by the way?

The Republicans, by staying silent on the nuclear option — even if that’s their strategery — they’re just turning over the daily news agenda to the Democrats, whatever the Democrats want it to be, and the Democrats are trying to cover up Obamacare with the Kennedy assassination coverage. The thing about Obamacare, though, is it’s happening to people. It’s happening to people every day. Now, I know it really helps when the media’s out there hammering it, too. But this is not the kind of thing that unless the media talk about it, people won’t know about it. They will. They’re living it. It is happening to ’em. Obama’s plummet in the opinion polls is real, and it’s related to that, despite the media trying to cover it up, and in spite of the Republicans having nothing to do with it.

Yeah, what Obama wants to do is he just wants to delay the start of the 2015 Obamacare enrollment period. He wants to move the opening from October 15th of 2014 to November 14th of 2014. Just move it to after the election. The mandatory enrollment date, he just wants to move that so that people are not affected by that before the election. How transparent can you get? That’s what he wants to do.



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