Third Party Isn’t the Answer — Even in Hawaii

The answer is to take over the Republican Party.
Check it out:

In the case of Hawaii, the calculation has been made that there aren’t enough conservatives there to win elections if you just go full boat that way. So the Republicans there have moderated their conservatism to be, you know, RINO Republicans or liberal Republicans or whatever. There’s some conservatives nevertheless who are there. There are actually a lot of them, they’re just not elected. That’s the thing about that. But Hawaii is where you live, and so that kind of really matters to you. The big part of your question is the third-party aspect.

We just saw what happens in Virginia if that happens. The Republicans are gonna lose every time. The Tea Party’s gonna lose every time when there’s a third party. The Democrats sponsored this so-called Libertarian. I mean, even Rand Paul came out and opposed this Libertarian in Virginia in the governor’s race. All he did was take 7% of the vote. If he hadn’t been on the ballot McAuliffe wouldn’t have been elected. Pretty safe assumption. But he was on the ballot. Now, a third party isn’t the way to go.

I understand your frustration in Hawaii. It would be like living in San Francisco. It would be like living in Massachusetts. You choose to live there for reasons other than the politics of the place. You wish it would change to suit you. There are just certain enclaves of liberalism that are always gonna be that way and Hawaii’s probably one of ’em for a whole bunch of socioeconomic and otherwise political reasons. But again, I want to take back the idea that Republicans don’t survive out there. Again, I gotta calm down here, folks. I’m so worked up about some of this stuff today that I’m just way out there.

It was the Honolulu city council. They passed a resolution denouncing me and my advertisers because the ChiCom premier came over, did a press conference, and I did an impersonation of what he was saying, and they thought that I was mocking the communist leader of China and mocking the Chinese language by impersonating him. So they passed a resolution in Honolulu. (interruption) I know it was funny! Nobody can laugh about anything anymore. Everybody’s so wound tight.

It was hilarious!

They passed a resolution banning me — well, not “banning” me, but denouncing me. I was scheduled to be there sometime later, like a couple months later, and I actually thought about going and turning myself in to the Honolulu city council to see what would happen. They probably… Who knows what they would have done. You know, it was just like Kim Jong-il when he was promising to do whatever he was promising to do. We’d imitate Gorbachev, too. But they didn’t like it ’cause they thought I was mocking the Chinese leader, and the Chinese language.



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