That’s a mighty big ‘if’ Mr. President

Obama tries to cover one lie with another.
Check it out:

THAT’S A MIGHTY BIG ‘IF’ MR. PRESIDENT – President Obama now says he never promised voters they could keep their health insurance plans, “period.” Talking to top backers of his permanent campaign arm, Organizing for Action, at a Washington meeting Monday night, the president made a new claim: “What we said was, ‘You could keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law was passed.’” The president gave voice to an excuse that had so far only been offered by spokesmen: That the “if you like it” claim was trumped by a less-publicized promise to ban barebones insurance policies. “If we had allowed these old plans [to continue]… then we would have broken an even more important promise — making sure that Americans gain access to health care that doesn’t leave them one illness away from financial ruin.” Obama’s promise priorities are expected to result in the cancellation of some 3.5 million Americans’ policies. Fox News has more.



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