Thanksgiving Sales May Depose Black Friday as Biggest Day for Retailers

It is disgusting how silly people will get to save a few dollars, but will vote for people that waste trillions.
Check it out:

Consumers nationwide have criticized this year’s trend of retailers opening on Thanksgiving Day, saying that for many it has ruined the traditional family time so many cherish, but retailers may also find that because of the earlier opening, traditional “Black Friday” sales will be lighter.

Since Black Friday came to be the norm in the 1990s, many retailers have looked to this high-volume shopping day to boost profits, some even finding the higher sales putting them over the top and into “the black” on their ledger books—hence the name.
But with so many retailers opening on Thanksgiving Day, some analysts worry that Black Friday may become “blah” Friday.

Bill Martin, the founder of ShopperTrak, told the Associated Press, “The biggest impact of the expanded Thanksgiving openings this year, could be that they cost Black Friday enough sales to cause it to lose its spot as the No. 1 shopping day to the runner-up, Super Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas, which this year falls on Dec. 21.”



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