Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Warned You

It’s easy to see that government is going to fail since they always do.
Check it out:

Back when Ted Cruz was leading the effort, what was being said about him? “Well, he’s a terrorist! Well, he’s holding people hostage! He’s demanding ransoms! He’s an extremist.” He was right, and he was one of maybe two or three people who had the guts to go public and tell people what was headed their way.

He was one of two or three only had the guts to warn people what was coming and tried to do something to prevent this. Ted Cruz. You go back, thinking what kind of names he was being called and the insults being tossed at him and Mike Lee and everybody involved in that effort, just a month ago. Now the very people who were throwing those insults out — accusing him of being a terrorist, accusing him of wanting to take hostages and ransoms and so forth — are now the people begging to be exempted!

They’re begging for the rules to be changed, begging for there to be a delay so that they’re not negatively impacted. They knew this was coming. They voted for it. This is the kind of stuff that ticks me off. These guys, the pioneers take the arrows, and they were right on the money about it, and they are owed an apology. They are owed an apology from the Republican establishment. They’re owed an apology from Obama. They’re owed an apology from the media because they called it.

They predicted this.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and everybody involved in their effort was trying to prevent what is happening now from happening. All they wanted to do was defund it or delay it so that this wouldn’t happen, so that you wouldn’t begin losing your policy. That’s all they wanted to do. They knew you wanted to keep your policy, and for that they were insulted. They were impugned, they were attacked, and everybody in the Washington establishment from both parties, tried to destroy them.

We’re coming up on the holiday season, as you know, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and what’s Obama thinking about now? Not Merry Christmas. No way, folks. Obama’s thinking about merry cancellations. (playing of parody) That’s right, my friends, and that’s probably the way the Regime is going to try to deal with this is buy you off. So we have a drop-dead day. The Democrats are threatening, according to Dana Bash, to line up with the Republicans on Friday if something isn’t done.

Ted Cruz and Mike Lee tried to warn everybody. So did we here. We were on board with Lee and Cruz. We knew what was headed our way. You knew what was headed your way. So did the people who voted for it, and now everybody’s in the CYA mode, and it is obvious. Well, I don’t want to jump the gun, but there’s Republicans talking, “Well, we knew this was blown implode,” and we’ve got some Republicans now saying this could be the end of liberalism.

The end of liberalism? What do you mean, “the end of liberalism”? You can’t just sit by and have the end of liberalism happen! You’ve gotta join the fight and bring it to a close, screeching halt. End liberalism? Because it’s gonna implode? All Obama’s gotta do is get legislation passed for one-time subsidies for everybody that lost their plan, and liberalism’s just fine.



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