The Tea Party Wants to Win

And they want fiscal conservatives to save our country.
Check it out:

The Tea Party wants to beat Democrats. The Republicans don’t look like they do, and that’s the big dividing line. I can tell you firsthand, the Tea Party wants to beat Democrats. They want to beat back Obamacare. They want to beat back some of this spending. They want to get rid of some of this debt. The Tea Party wants to fix things. The Tea Party knows that in order to do that, Democrats must lose. And that’s what the Tea Party wants.

The Tea Party can’t figure out why the Republicans don’t want the Democrats to lose. The Tea Party is scratching their heads collectively and saying, “What is it that makes the Republicans want us to lose and the Democrats win?” That’s what we don’t see. Face it, folks, admit it, we don’t see a Republican Party that seems focused on defeating Democrats. We see Republican after Republican after Republican without any problem trashing other Republicans like Cruz or Mike Lee or take your pick of ’em. But they never talk that way of Obama. They never talk that way of any other Democrat. The Tea Party wants to beat Democrats. The Tea Party wants to win. They don’t understand why the Republican Party doesn’t.

I said last hour, you know, talking about this stuff with the Dolphins and cohesion and unity in the locker room. I said, “The best thing in the world for cohesion is winning.” And that’s what’s missing from the Republican Party is there isn’t any winning. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be any plan to win. And when it looks like some Republicans might win, if they happen to be Tea Party Republicans then other Republicans get into gear and try to make sure that doesn’t happen.



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