States or Feds Running Obamacare Exchanges Made Little Difference

The real problems are just beginning.
Check it out:

After three years of preparation and much anticipation, Americans can finally see whether Obamacare’s state or federally operated insurance exchanges will provide more competition for consumers’ business. As the table shows, the results are in, and there seems to be no correlation.

Heritage Foundation senior fellow Ed Haislmaier recently examined insurer participation in the exchanges and concluded, “There does not appear to be any correlation between the level of insurer participation and whether the state or the federal government operates the exchange. Rather, state-specific exchange participation seems to generally reflect current insurance-market-participation patterns in the various states.”

Overall, Haislmaier found that “the 51 exchanges in the states and the District of Columbia will have a total of 254 participating carriers, for an average of five carriers each. New York will have the most, with 16 participating carriers, while New Hampshire and West Virginia will have the fewest, with only one carrier offering plans in each state’s exchange.”



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