Every liberal has what could amount to a conservative comment once in a while. Spongebob is a horrible show for kids. And trying to point him out as a conservative is just ignoring the facts. SpongeBob has a green, liberal, and notoriously gay past. So be sure to block your kids from watching.
Check it out:

SpongeBob is a cartoon that most of you political types probably never think about (or maybe you do, ya bunch of weirdos). But, conservatives have started singinging this yellow sponge’s praises. In an upcoming episode, SpongeBob is laid off by his boss, Mr. Krabs. So, SpongeBob’s buddy, Patrick (the blobby starfish guy), responds saying, “Being unemployed is the best gig I know” to which good old SB replies, “Unemployment may be fun for you, but I need to get a job.”


While most liberals won’t tell you that they support Moochers, their votes and political stances say otherwise. Sure, in a perfect world, tax payer money would only go toward helping actual needy people.

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