Socialism Never Works!

Socialism works to gather power for government which is the intention of liberals.
Check it out:

How does this always work? See, the Democrats propose a plan, a program, and it passes, and they implement it and it always runs out of money, because it’s impossible to fully fund any program they come up with. It’s simply not possible. There isn’t the money to pay for their policies. There never has been, folks. Socialism doesn’t work. Communism doesn’t work. You run out of other people’s money. So what happens if the so-called cost targets are not met here? It’s very simple.

When it becomes obvious that we’re not gonna need a the money, the Democrats are gonna come back for more. They’ll come back with new legislation, and it’s gonna sound like old legislation. “We need money for doctors. We need money for Medicare. We need money for health insurance.” And the Republicans are gonna say, “Well, no, we’ve already spent enough.” And that’s when the Democrats start screaming, “Republicans want to take away your doctor! Republicans want to take away your health care! Republicans want to take away your insurance! Republicans want to starve your kids!”

That’s the pattern, that’s the formula, that’s how it works. There’s never the money to pay for socialism. There is never the money to pay for Democrat programs. And when they need more, they just propose it; the Republicans oppose it; and then the Republicans are accused of having no hearts and no compassion and of hating people. It’s pretty much what’s gonna happen.



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